Midland Fertility offers host surrogacy treatment, where the commissioning couple provides the IVF or ICSI-created embryos which are then placed in the uterus of the surrogate.

Surrogate arrangements at Midland Fertility have previously included Grandmother/Mother host surrogacy.

Who may benefit?

  • couples for whom non-surrogate fertility treatments have failed
  • couples for whom pregnancy is clinically inadvisable

What does treatment involve?

  • both the commissioning couple and the surrogate receive extensive and separate consultations from different members of the clinical team to cover the medical, scientific, emotional and legal issues of surrogacy and the welfare interests of any current or future children
  • counselling is recommended to consider any unresolved issues about the need for surrogacy treatment and also the future relationships of the commissioning family, the surrogate and their wider families
  • possible IVF or ICSI treatment

What is included in the treatment cost?

Surrogacy may require  IVF or ICSI, and possibly include the use of donor sperm, eggs or embryos and so a summary of the costs is not possible.  Guidance on the cost for any individual couple is available at the first appointment or investigations.


Cost of surrogacy screening at Midland Fertility: £1,595.00

Cost of host surrogacy with IVF at Midland Fertility: £5,945.00

Cost of host surrogacy with ICSI at Midland Fertility: £6,545.00

Cost of host surrogacy using frozen embryos at Midland Fertility: £2,450.00

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More information

Go to the Midland Fertility Patient Treatment Information page and download the following infosheets:

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