Electronic Witnessing

The HFEA Code of Practice requires all fertility clinics to have an effective witnessing system to identify and trace the movement of any gametes and embryos during any clinical or laboratory process to prevent mismatch.


Midland Fertility’s electronic ‘matcher’ system generates a unique barcode for every individual patient and couple that is then applied to all dishes, tubes and sample pots which contain their gametes, embryos or blood.  Whenever these samples are used in any procedure, the barcode is scanned and matched against the patient’s notes before the next stage of the process can continue.

The electronic witnessing system offers patients increased confidence that their gametes and embryos are safe at all times during treatment and storage at Midland Fertility.


There is no charge for this laboratory procedure as part of IVF and ICSI treatment at Midland Fertility

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LU: 25/5/16/JAA