In the Laboratory


The clinical and scientific teams work closely to try to achieve the best possible result for every patient at Midland Fertility.  In addition to the laboratory procedures required for IUI, IVF and ICSI treatments, this section outlines some of the specialised techniques and services the laboratory team are able to provide to improve the chance of successful treatment or to bring ‘added value’ to every patient’s treatment plan, including:

  • assisted hatching
  • blastocyst transfer
  • freezing embryos and FET
  • embryo time-lapse imaging, high-tec incubators with integral microscope cameras, which allow the details of embryo development to be observed as a time-lapse movie and which provide greater observation of embryos before selection and transfer as part of IVF or ICSI treatment
  • the laboratory electronic witnessing, a digital ‘matcher system’ to reassure patients about the identification and storage of their sperm, eggs and embryos at Midland Fertility
  • vitrification, the flash-freezing method of freezing and storing eggs and embryos

LU: 25/5/16/JAA