IVI Donor Egg Recipient Monitoring

IVI donor egg monitoring

What is the collaboration between IVI and Midland Fertility?

IVI logo 062016 IVI is a partnership of more than 50 fertility clinics throughout the world. Established in 1990, IVI has an excellent reputation and manages the largest frozen egg bank in the world.  Midland Fertility is collaborating with IVI Las Palmas, based in Gran Canaria, Spain, to provide scanning and support packages for UK patients who receive IVF treatment with donor eggs at IVI.

The collaboration means that UK-based patients who need donor eggs to conceive, can access the IVI egg bank and receive treatment from the English-speaking specialists at IVI Las Palmas with only two appointments in Spain, and all the other appointments at Midland Fertility.

Like Midland Fertility, IVI offers tailor-made treatment and its team are experts in donor egg treatment.  The IVI and Midland Fertility teams work closely to ensure the continuity of care for joint patients.

For whom is it suitable?

A woman may require donor eggs for reasons including:

  • age
  • premature menopause
  • infertility due to cancer treatment
  • ovarian failure
  • a risk of passing on hereditary diseases

This collaboration is ideal for women who need donor eggs to conceive, and for which there is often a waiting list in the UK due to the laws on donor identificationIn Spain, all donors are aged 18 to 35, and donors and recipients remain anonymous to each other.

What are the benefits of receiving donor eggs at IVI in collaboration with Midland Fertility?

  • IVI has no waiting lists for donor eggs
  • IVI offers Midland Fertility collaboration patients exclusive discounts for consultations, donor egg treatment and some other services
  • treatment is delivered by English-speaking clinical, co-ordination and liaison teams at IVI
  • all the initial blood screening and ultrasound scan monitoring appointments are at Midland Fertility, reducing the travel time and costs
  • any follow-up appointment or first pregnancy scan is at Midland Fertility
  • IVI has excellent success rates (see below)
  • IVI offers a refund of the total IVI fees if a woman doesn’t get pregnant following three cycles of treatment

What does treatment involve?

A standard collaboration treatment cycle includes:

  • at Midland Fertility, initial blood screening for both partners:
    • blood type and Rhesus factor
    • infection screening for HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and syphilis
  • first appointment at IVI Las Palmas:
    • assessment and medical diagnostics
    • donor selection – based on characteristics of the woman/couple (eg build, skin and eye colour, blood group etc)
    • blood screening tests (genetic compatibility) – additional cost applies
    • sperm test and sperm freeze, if appropriate (or donor sperm may be used)
    • treatment protocol and prescription (drugs are available from either IVI or Midland Fertility)
    • cost estimate
  • up to four monitoring scan appointments at Midland Fertility to check the development of the woman’s endometrium (uterine lining) in preparation for the embryo transfer
  • second appointment at IVI Las Palmas:
    • embryo transfer (including embryo freezing)
  • following a positive pregnancy test, a first pregnancy scan appointment at Midland Fertility, or a follow-up appointment to review a failed treatment cycle

Success rates

90% of patients who undergo assisted reproduction at IVI become pregnant (over three cycles).


Cost of the IVI egg donor recipient monitoring package at Midland Fertility: £1,300.00

See also the dedicated the IVI/Midland Fertility price list for a full breakdown of all costs for IVI/Midland Fertility patients.

What is included in the cost of the IVI monitoring service at Midland Fertility?

  • registration with Midland Fertility
  • all required coordination between Midland Fertility and IVI
  • initial screening for both partners (blood type and Rhesus factor, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and syphilis)
  • up to four monitoring scans
  • a follow-up appointment or pregnancy scan

What is not included in the cost?

  • the cost of the donor egg recipient treatment at IVI
  • travel to, or accommodation in, Las Palmas
  • donor sperm, or known donor screening, if required
  • drugs
  • any other fertility investigations, treatments or preservation services for either partner at Midland Fertility

More information

  • print this page – select ‘IVI Donor Egg Recipient Monitoring’
  • call the number at the top of the screen to make an appointment at Midland Fertility
  • visit the IVI Las Palmas website and search for:
    • egg donation
    • or, from the UK, call 0800 085 0035 (English-speaking)

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