Summary Results

11,3 Summary success rates

winner_94904715_MED RTD NEWS FLASH . . . NEWS FLASH . . . It’s official, Midland Fertility has the best success rates for patients ‘across all ages’ in the West Midlands!  See the news release which explains the latest data from the fertility regulator, the HFEA.

Summary results show the outcomes of key stages of each treatment, including the livebirth rate (LBR) for the cumulative three years May 2012 – April 2015 and the pregnancy rate for treatments carried out from May 2015 – April 2016.  (At the time of publication, no LBR is available for that period as some pregnancies are still on-going.) 10 years of data is supplied for IUI and 17 years for egg freezing, due to the smaller number of treatment cycles.

The summary results are generally the statistics that the majority of patients find most useful.

Contact Jyoti Patel, Midland Fertility information analyst, for more information about success rates at Midland Fertility.

LU: 24/8/16/JAA