Pre-Conception Supplements

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Midland Fertility has investigated the range of pre-conception supplements that may improve embryo quality following fertilisation of an egg by a sperm.

So, after careful consideration, to improve the chance of conception for patients, the clinical team may recommend either or both of the following products for some patients:

These products are also available to non-patients who are trying to conceive naturally.

Lifestyle choices, as well as age, can affect the chances of conceiving – either naturally or with assisted conception.  Men and women are encouraged to get ‘fertility fit’ and follow a healthy lifestyle that includes moderate exercise and a diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.  It is also important to stop smoking and reduce alcohol and caffeine intake.  Once all this is in place, a pre-conception supplement can further optimise the chance of conception and – ultimately – a livebirth.

Neither product replaces a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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