Accessing Treatment

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Patients can initially come to Midland Fertility via various pathways, which include:

With the letter confirming the time and date of their first appointment, every Midland Fertility patient also receives a pre-treatment questionnaire to complete before returning to Midland Fertility for the appointment.  It is vital that this information is completed accurately and in advance of the first appointment.  Unless the woman is planning on being treated as a single woman only, both partners must attend this appointment.

Usually, new patients will attend a pre-treatment review for a first appointment, but a consultation will often be recommended before any pre-treatment review for any of, but not limited to, the following:

  • multiple miscarriage patients
  • women with a high BMI
  • trans people
  • lesbian couples who are unsure which treatment pathway they would like to take
  • donor egg recipients
  • egg sharers
  • couples (male/female, or gay) considering host surrogacy

The first appointment is also an opportunity for patients to ask any questions about Midland Fertility, or possible investigations or treatments they may receive at Midland Fertility.

After a first appointment and the review of the pre-treatment review results, Midland Fertility will be able to recommend the best treatment, if any, for each patient.

Interpreter requirements

Midland Fertility needs to be satisfied that patients fully understand the information given at consultations and are able to give informed consent to treatment – or treatment may be delayed.  Some CCGs will fund these services for NHS-funded patients – contact Linda Tanner to confirm. Otherwise it is the patient’s responsibility to arrange for a suitable interpreter, aged 18+, to attend all visits at Midland Fertility.

Midland Fertility will provide a signing interpreter for hard of hearing or deaf patients, for certain appointments.


Cost of a consultation at Midland Fertility: £150.00

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More information

Go to the Midland Fertility Patient Treatment Information page and download the following infosheets:

  • Consent to Identity Disclosure
  • New Patient Information

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