Group Acupuncture Therapy

3 acupuncture at MF

Group acupuncture therapy is available at Midland Fertility on Wednesday evenings:

  • 5:00-7:00pm – for pre-conception acupuncture therapy, including weight loss, smoking cessation, relaxation and reducing anxiety.  The session is also a support group, as people share their common in/fertility related experiences
  • 7:00-8:00pm – for pregnant women – at any stage of pregnancy – to help with headaches, sickness, swollen ankles, pain management, muscle aches, relaxation, stress management and sleep problems

The sessions are led by Sandra Bateman, who is also the lead counsellor at Midland Fertility.


Cost of group acupuncture therapy at Midland Fertility (per session):  £10.00

Cost of group acupuncture therapy at Midland Fertility (for 11 sessions, payable at start of 1st session):  £100.00

To book an appointment

Call the number at the top of the page and book either a single session, or bulk-buy 10 sessions and receive an 11th free of charge.

More information

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