Midland Fertility Patient Treatment Information

Download, read and print either whole documents or specific pages of Midland Fertility infosheets via this section.

The booklets and infosheets can be downloaded as PDF files using Adobe Reader.  Most are one or two page text and diagram documents and a few are full-colour booklets, so please allow time to download, especially if using a dial-up modem.  Alternatively, to receive hard copy versions of any of these booklets or infosheets by mail, complete the request treatment information form.

The Patients’ Guide to Services is Midland Fertility’s annual publication which includes an overview of the news from the previous year and a summary of all the key investigations, treatments and success rates.  It is recommended that prospective patients read this before requesting other booklets which contain more detail of specific services and procedures.

All new patients receive a Patient Treatment Information (PTI) folder
All new patients receive a Patient Treatment Information (PTI) folder

At their initial consultation appointment, new patients receive a Patient Treatment Information (PTI) Folder to file all the general information, forms, correspondence, finance info and treatment plans.  Patients need to bring the PTI with them to every appointment.  Some of the infosheets for the PTI are downloadable from the list below and others will given to patients by members of the clinical and laboratory teams at appropriate stages of treatment.

Please note that some prices and treatment results indicated in downloadable literature on this website may not be up to date and should be checked against the current published fees and success rates.

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