Fertility Check-up for Women


Before planning to conceive, some women want reassurance that there are no conditions which may stop her from getting pregnant.

The fertility check-up for women at Midland Fertility is suitable for women who:

  • want to know about their own fertility, or measure any possible infertility
  • do not want to wait for NHS investigations into why she is having trouble conceiving
  • are trying to conceive but have not been trying long enough to qualify for any NHS investigations

What is included in the fertility check-up for women?

The check-up includes a blood test for the:

  • measurement of the FSH hormone level and of the FSH:LH hormone ratio
  • measurement of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH), to assess her ovarian reserve, which may provide vital information about whether she could defer trying for a baby for a few years, or whether her reproductive life span is so reduced that she should not delay
  • the results of these tests


Cost of the fertility check-up for women at Midland Fertility: £245.00

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More information

Go to the Midland Fertility Patient Treatment Information page and download:

  • these infosheets are currently being updated
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