Pre-treatment Review for Female/Male Couples


To plan treatment effectively, Midland Fertility will need to perform ‘baseline tests’ on both partners before any fertility treatment.  This section outlines:

  • the pre-treatment review – otherwise known as baseline tests
  • the follow-up appointment
  • treatment planning

The pre-treatment review may be the first or second appointment at Midland Fertility. Appointments for female partners will happen on day two to five of the woman’s cycle – where day one is the first day of her period.  Male partners may attend for sperm tests at a separate appointment, before or after his wife’s/partner’s. Both partners receiving treatment must attend the pre-treatment appointments, even if the tests duplicate others they may have already had elsewhere, including:

  • taking blood:
    • from the female partner for baseline hormone tests (FSH and LH) and an ovarian reserve test with AMH
  • a vaginal ultrasound scan of the female partner
  • the male partner will provide a semen sample for analysis.  NB for the convenience of private patients, evening appointments for this part of the pre-treatment review are available every other Wednesday from 5:00-7:00pm.
    • there is a high demand for these appointments so please book as soon as possible

The cost of the appointment also includes taking blood from both partners for routine infection screening – which is carried out at a later date.

Follow-up appointment

Usually about two weeks after the pre-treatment review, the results will be available at a follow-up appointment, where the Midland Fertility nurse or doctor will be able to advise on the most appropriate treatment for each patient.  The options will be discussed in full, including any risks and also the success rates.  At this visit, treatment may be planned immediately, or the clinical team may advise that counselling or further advanced tests or investigations are needed.

Start of treatment appointment

Following initial investigations completed as part of the pre-treatment review, a start of treatment appointment may be made once the treatment has been paid for in full, either by:


Cost of pre-treatment review for female/male couple at Midland Fertility: £575.00

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Follow-up consultation and repeat screening

If a patient has a break between treatments at Midland Fertility, a chargeable consultation and repeat routine infection screening, may be required.


Cost of consultation at Midland Fertility: £150.00

Cost of repeat screening (per person) at Midland Fertility: £120.00

Cost of repeat sperm analysis (for current patients) at Midland Fertility: £130.00

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More information

Go to the Midland Fertility Patient Treatment Information page and download:

  • this infosheet is currently being updated

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