Fertility Check-up for Men


Male factor infertility accounts for about 35% of infertility and a seminal fluid analysis (SFA) is a comprehensive way to assess if any difficulty in conceiving is related to a problem with sperm.

A fertility check-up for men at Midland Fertility, otherwise known as a private sperm analysis, is useful for men who are not yet trying to conceive a baby with their partner, but who want reassurance that they have no current problems which could prevent them from making a pregnancy.

The male fertility check-up assesses a sperm sample according to the standards defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Kruger Strict criteria:

  • volume of the sample in millilitres
  • concentration: the number of sperms in millions per millilitre
  • motility: a grading of the % of the sperm that move and the speed of this movement (Grades A-D with Grade A=highly motile & D = immotile)
  • morphology: the % of the sperm of a normal shape
  • white blood cells: the number per millilitre
  • Ph: the alkaline/acid balance
  • antisperm antibodies: identification of antibodies on the sperm tail or head which would prevent the sperm moving properly or being able to penetrate the egg

Who may benefit from a private sperm analysis?

  • any man who has been actively trying to conceive with his partner for approximately 12 months and is not aware of any reasons which could prevent this from occurring.  Certain prescribed and non-prescription drugs can have affect the production of sperm and should be discussed with his GP if appropriate.  Also, if appropriate, to comprehensively diagnose a problem it is essential that any female partner should also undergo relevant fertility investigations
  • any man who is planning to start a family with his female partner and who wants to get checked out
  • gay men who are considering fatherhood via surrogacy

No GP referral is required for this test.

What does a fertility check-up for men involve?

  • the man should abstain from ejaculation for between two to five days before providing the sperm sample for analysis, to ensure the results are optimal, accurate and to reduce the chance of having to provide another sample
  • ideally, the sample should be produced at Midland Fertility, or alternatively produced elsewhere in a sterile, non-toxic pot supplied by Midland Fertility, kept at a constant body temperature and delivered to Midland Fertility within one hour
  • the man should wash and dry his hands and penis before producing the sample
  • the sample should be produced by masturbation and without the use of lubricants
  • the sample is examined by laboratory staff and tested according to the WHO protocol and Kruger criteria
  • within one hour of providing the sample, during a consultation with a senior embryologist, the man will be given the results of the analysis and a comparison with the WHO criteria for a ‘normal’ semen analysis. Advice will be given on the probability of his sperm achieving either a natural pregnancy or alternatively whether fertility treatment such as IVF or ICSI is recommended.  He will be given a copy of the laboratory report.

What is included in the cost of a fertility check-up for men?

  • the laboratory analysis of the sperm sample
  • a same-day follow-up appointment with a member of the laboratory staff to report the results
  • a copy of the report detailing the results

What is not included in the cost of a fertility check-up for men?

  • any other investigations or treatments
  • freezing or storage of any sperm sample

How long does the test take?

Allow just one to two hours for the single appointment to provide the sample, the laboratory analysis of the sample and the follow-up appointment with a member of the laboratory team for the results.


Cost of a male fertility check-up at Midland Fertility: £200.00

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