Investigations for Lesbian Couples


When a lesbian couple comes to Midland Fertility for treatment, the type of initial investigations will be determined by whether they :

  • want to conceive with IUI using donor sperm
  • are not sure which partner will try to conceive using IUI using donor sperm
  • are considering conception via ‘shared motherhood’, where one partner will provide the eggs for the treatment and the resulting embryos will be transferred into the uterus of her partner, for her to carry the pregnancy

Investigations for lesbian couples may concentrate only on one partner – or they may be necessary for both partners, depending on the treatment choice or clinical recommendation.  Whatever the need, Midland Fertility has a pathway and cost structure designed especially for lesbian couples.

This section outlines the investigations and other stand alone services that are available to female couples:

In addition, read the ‘Mothers’ Love: Two-Fold’ case study, and more in the Testimonials section.

LU: 9/5/16/JAA