Fertility Preservation for Men

6,3 FP for men

Sperm collection and freezing is a non-invasive and long-established procedure which has led to the birth of many thousands of babies, worldwide, following its thaw and use to achieve a pregnancy either through IUI, IVF or ICSI.

Who may benefit?

In addition to freezing sperm as part of a couple’s fertility treatment, Midland Fertility is also able to freeze sperm to preserve the fertility of any man:

  • diagnosed with cancer or other medical conditions that require chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment
  • who wishes to preserve his fertility for elective reasons, including men who work in high-risk occupations such as the military
  • whose sperm count is declining prematurely

What does the procedure involve?

  • a single consultation
  • routine infection screening
  • laboratory analysis of sperm
  • freezing of viable sperm

What is included in the cost?

The cost of the consultation, any surgical sperm retrieval, other investigations or treatments, or storage after the first year are not included.

How long does treatment take?

LU: 8/6/16/JAA