Fertility Preservation for Women


Egg freezing is a method of collecting and preserving a woman’s eggs in liquid nitrogen ‘deep freeze’ for possibly many years until she is ready to use them to try to conceive.  Egg freezing may also be referred to as oocyte cryopreservation.

This section outlines the three egg freezing services Midland Fertility offers:

Eggs are the largest single cell in the human body and until recently, freezing and thawing them without damage was a scientific challenge.  Now, with the birth of hundreds of healthy ‘frozen egg babies’ around the world, new techniques to successfully freeze and thaw eggs give the chance of genetic motherhood to some women that previously were not available.

However, egg freezing offers no guarantees of successful future conception and pregnancy and it is always preferable for women not to delay conceiving if possible.  The chance of a woman achieving a successful pregnancy is higher when she conceives before the age of 35.

Freezing eggs has been available at Midland Fertility since 2000. To date (July 2013), more than 30% of the babies born in the UK following the freezing of the mothers’ own eggs, were from eggs collected and frozen at Midland Fertility.  In addition, Midland Fertility was the first UK clinic to have achieved livebirths from vitrified ‘flash-frozen’ eggs.  Evidence suggests that vitrification may improve pregnancy rates by increasing the survival rates of the eggs after thawing from 65% to 95%.


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Cost of egg freezing at Midland Fertility: Refer to finance team

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