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Prices for investigations, treatments or preservation services do not include the cost of fertility drugs, the electronic witnessing charge, or any HFEA levy.  For an estimate of the total cost of any services, refer to the Cost Estimator®

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frozen symbol includes freezing of embryos1, eggs2 or sperm3 and one year’s storage charge.

LU: 24/5/16/JAA

Fertility consultations and assessments

(payable on booking)

£ 150.00
Pre-treatment review

(female and male)

£ 575.00
Pre-treatment review

(female only)

£ 445.00
Pre-treatment review

(female and female)

£ 645.00
Fertility check-up

(female and male)

£ 375.00
Fertility check-up

(female only)

£ 245.00
Fertility check-up

(male only)

£ 200.00
Routine infection screening£ 120.00
Sperm analysis

(current patients)

£ 130.00
Fertility treatments
IUI£ 995.00
IVF £ 2,995.00
ICSI £ 3,595.00
Egg sharing with IVF

(recipient bears cost of standard package of egg sharer drugs)

£ 1,400.00
Egg sharing with ICSI

(recipient bears cost of standard package of egg sharer drugs)

£ 2,000.00
Frozen embryo transfer£ 1,295.00
Embryo thawing

(alongside a fresh treatment cycle)

£ 275.00
Natural cycle fertility treatments:
Mild IVF 3 cycle package

(3 egg collections and 1 FET)

£ 6,250.00
Mild IVF 6 cycle package

(6 egg collections and 2 FETs)

£ 9,750.00
Shared motherhood:
Shared motherhood with IVF £ 3,495.00
Shared motherhood with IVF and egg sharing £ 1,900.00
Fertility preservation and storage fees
Egg retrieval and egg freezing £ 2,995.00
Egg retrieval and egg freezing with egg sharing £ 1,400.00
Egg retrieval using IVF and embryo freezing £ 2,995.00
Egg retrieval using ICSI and embryo freezing £ 3,595.00
Egg thaw, ICSI insemination and embryo transfer£ 1,895.00
Freezing and storing sperm

(up to 3 samples)

£ 525.00
Annual storage of embryos, eggs, sperm and sibling sperm - 1 year£ 200.00
Annual storage of embryos, eggs, sperm and sibling sperm - 3 years£ 500.00
Annual storage of embryos, eggs, sperm and sibling sperm - 5 years£ 750.00
Treatments with donor eggs
Egg recipient registration fee

(fresh cycles only. Payable on registration and non-refundable)

£ 550.00
Egg donor screening

(payable by recipient)

£ 1,295.00
Receiving donated eggs with IVF

(includes cost for standard package of donor drugs)

£ 5,945.00
Receiving donated eggs with ICSI

(includes cost for standard package of donor drugs)

£ 6,545.00
Receiving donated frozen eggs with ICSI £ 3,550.00
Receiving donated embryos£ 3,850.00
Treatments with donor sperm
Known sperm donor screening

(payable by recipient)

£ 1,350.00
One vial of donor sperm for use in IUI/IVF/ICSI cycle£ 500.00
Bulk purchase of sperm requires:
Donor pregnancy allocation£ 1,100.00
Per vial of sperm

(minimum purchase of 4 vials)

£ 450.00
Surrogate screening£ 1,595.00
Host surrogacy with IVF £ 5,945.00
Host surrogacy with ICSI £ 6,545.00
Host surrogacy using frozen embryos£ 2,450.00
Host surrogacy with IVF and egg sharing £ 4,350.00
Host surrogacy with ICSI and egg sharing £ 4,950.00
Male factor procedures
Surgical sperm recovery£ 1,595.00
Vasectomy reversal back-up plan£ 1,595.00
Testicular open biopsy


£ 1,595.00
Freezing and storing sperm

(in treatment)

£ 300.00
Sperm DNA fragmentation£ 395.00
Other procedures, diagnostic tests and supplements
(‡ chargeable if performed outside of a standard treatment cycle)
Time-lapse imaging£ 495.00
EmbryoGlue®£ 125.00
Ovulation monitoring£ 500.00
Ovulation induction £ 525.00
Tubal patency testing£ 425.00
Cyst aspiration࣠425.00
Saline scan࣠295.00
Ultrasound scan࣠175.00
Follicular reduction࣠350.00
Endometrial scratch£ 215.00
Assisted hatching£ 350.00
Proxeed® Women pre-conception supplement

(1 box/30 sachets [one month supply])

£ 30.50
Androferti male pre-conception supplement

(1 box/60 sachets [one month supply])

£ 60.00
Inofolic£ 20.00
Overseas treatment monitoring package
IVI£ 1,300.00
IMEDprice on request
Cyprusprice on request
Miscarriage and implantation failure service
Registration and assessment£ 250.00
Miscarriage and implantation failure endometrial scratch package£ 325.00
Miscarriage and implantation failure bloods package£ 850.00
Genetic screening
Cystic fibrosis£ 250.00
Cystic fibrosis and karyotype£ 425.00
Cystic fibrosis, karyotype and Y deletion£ 575.00
Administration costs
Administration fee for private prescription£ 75.00
Administration fee for the transfer of gametes/embryos within the UK

(courier costs in addition as applicable)

£ 125.00
Administration fee for the overseas export/import of gametes/embryos

(courier costs in addition as applicable)

£ 200.00
Receipt, storage and administration of patient drugs at MFS£ 75.00
Injection administration fee£ 100.00
Patient registration fee

(patients attending for tests and additional procedures but not receiving fertility treatment)

£ 50.00
Copy of medical records£ 50.00
Dispense and delivery of drugs

(for prescription orders less than £150)

£ 15.00
Acupuncture Therapy
Group sessions:
Single session

(payable at start of session)

£ 10.00
11 sessions

(payable at start of 1st session)

£ 100.00
HFEA Levies
For the creation in vitro, or transfer, of embryos£ 80.00
For the use of donor sperm£ 37.50
Pregnancy Services
2D scan (6 to 12 weeks)£ 75.00
Non-invasive Prenatal testing (NIPT)£ 450.00
Midland Fertility reserves the right to alter the fees at any time. Where possible Midland Fertility will give one month's notice of any changes to fees or to the cancellation policy.