Cost Estimator

cost estimator

Midland Fertility’s Cost Estimator offer a transparent breakdown of the costs involved in any standard investigation, treatment cycle, or fertility preservation service at Midland Fertility, with details of the charges for treatments, initial or repeat consultations, average drug costs and any usual additional costs or levies.

Choose from the following individualised Cost Estimators for more guidance on the possible cost of treatment (will open in a new window):

The examples refer to standard types of treatments and services, and costs may vary for patients following an initial consultation and treatment assessment. Costs for some other stand-alone or add-on specialist tests are included in the full List of Charges. The examples in the Cost Estimators are offered in good faith to give an idea of the overall possible cost of a service at Midland Fertility, but do not provide a quote for the final cost of that service and and is in no way binding. Midland Fertility reserves the right to alter the fees at any time. All services at Midland Fertility are subject the usual Terms & Conditions.

Drug Costs

The costs of drugs are based on average standard drugs doses, and are provided only for the convenience of the Cost Estimators. The actual cost for any individual patient may vary significantly more or less by up to a few hundred pounds and can only be advised after the initial consultation and treatment assessment and, even then, may need adjusting according to any clinical need.

Comparing ‘Like-For-Like’

When comparing costs with other clinics’, potential patients are advised to ensure they check that all the elements of each service are also included in the costs quoted by any other clinic – check the small print closely and insist on the same transparency that Midland Fertility offers through the Cost Estimators.

More Information

If a treatment package is not included on the Cost Estimators, email the Midland Fertility finance team, or contact them on the number at the top of the page.

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