Cancellation Policy

cancellation policy

Consultations and patient registration

No refund is given where a consultation is cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment.  The Registration and Assessment Fee for the Miscarriage and Implantation Failure Service is non-refundable.  The Patient Registration Fee is only refundable where you attend for fertility treatment within six months.


When a treatment cycle is cancelled for any reason the patient will be liable for any costs incurred before cancellation.  A credit note will be issued for the difference between the original treatment cost and the costs incurred to the point of cancellation.  Any credit balance can be used against future treatment costs or a card or cheque refund can be requested.

If, before embryo transfer, the clinical team recommends that all embryos are frozen for use in a future cycle, there is no charge for the first attempt to transfer frozen embryos, other than for any drugs required.  Subsequent frozen embryo transfers, even if the first has resulted in a cancellation, are fully chargeable.

Ovulation monitoring and ovulation induction are both non-refundable unless they result in a patient converting to fertility treatment in that particular cycle.  In these instances, a credit note will be issued to the full value of the ovulation monitoring or induction cycle.  Any credit balance can be used against future treatment costs or a card or cheque refund can be requested.

Unused medications

No refund is given for unused medications.  MF is not legally able to take back medication from patients once the drugs have left the clinic. Unused medications should be stored appropriately by the patient and may, if appropriate, be used for future treatment cycles.  It is the patient’s responsibility to advise the clinical staff if they have medications left over from previous cycles that may be used for future treatments.

Time-Lapse Imaging

The only instance in which a patient is eligible for a refund is where treatment resulted in failed fertilisation.  Where this is the case, the patient can choose to the use the Time-Lapse Imaging in their subsequent treatment cycle without charge or to receive a refund of £395.  Where the patient opts for the former, no refund would be available if that subsequent cycle resulted in failed fertilisation.


Where a patient begins treatment using their frozen gametes or embryos during their storage period, the following refunds apply:

Time since start of storage period 1 year’s storage 3 years’ storage 5 years’ storage
3 months £200 £500 £750
1 year No further refund £330 £600
2 years £165 £450
3 years No further refund £300
4 years £150
5 years No further refund

Egg recipient administration fee

Please note that the Egg Recipient Administration Fee is non-refundable once a patient agrees to be placed onto the Egg Donor Waiting List.  This fee covers marketing costs invested to attract egg donors.

See My Baby pregnancy scan packages

Any appointment booked as part of a See My Baby Scan Package is only refundable with 48 hours’ notice.  Cancellation after this time will result in fees being non-refundable and the package price will be applied in full.  Where appropriate notice is given and a refund is due, the patient will receive the difference between the package price paid and the scan(s) performed charged at full price.

LU: 24/3/16/JAA