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Midland Fertility operates an open and transparent fees structure and this section provides information about all the finance issues of fertility treatment, including:

Go to Midland Fertility Patient Treatment Information page and download the following infosheets:

  • Finance Information for Patients
  • Costs: Important Information
  • Terms & Conditions

Cost Estimator©

The Cost Estimator© enables potential patients to calculate a ‘whole cost’ of possible treatment, including any initial consultation, treatment assessment, fertility drugs, levies and other tests that may be required, in addition to the actual treatment itself.  It doesn’t provide an exact quote for the cost of any treatment, as there may be variables that the patient is not aware of before treatment starts, but it offers a more accurate indication of the cost of treatment, which is useful for patients who are planning to fund their own treatment.

Private prescriptions

Drugs for fertility treatment are usually sourced by Midland Fertility from a pharmacy which specialises in fertility drugs.  Drugs supplied via Midland Fertility include all the required syringes, needles and both the provision and disposal of the sharps bins too.  If required, top-up drugs can also be supplied for patients who get their treatment drugs via Midland Fertility.

However, some patients request a private prescription so they can buy their drugs from another pharmacy.  All such private prescriptions incur a £40 charge and patients also have responsibility for providing their own needles, syringes and sharps bins – for which they must also arrange legal disposal.  In addition, any top-up drugs for private prescription patients cannot be supplied by Midland Fertility and the patient has responsibility for sourcing and buying any required additional drugs.  To ensure patients don’t run out of drugs which are obtained from elsewhere, the private prescription may be for more drugs than may ultimately be required – the patient will bear this cost and no refund is available for any unused drugs.

Treatment planning appointments

Following the initial consultation and treatment assessment, a treatment planning appointment may be made once the treatment has been paid for in full, either by:

  • NHS-funding
  • self-funding

For more information

Any questions about the cost of treatment or finance arrangements:

  • should be emailed to the Midland Fertility finance team
  • or contact them on the number above

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