How to Make an Appointment

Midland Fertility treats both self-funded and NHS-funded patients who may be referred by either their GP or consultant, or who may self-refer if they are aware of an existing condition or set of circumstances that means they require fertility treatment to conceive.

Contact the team to make an appointment
Contact the team to make an appointment

To check availability for private short notice initial consultation appointments please click here.

Midland Fertility has an open access policy and does not impose patient selection criteria unless required by law or sound medical advice.  All patients receive the same high quality care and have access to all members of the clinical and scientific teams.  Many Midland Fertility patients undergo treatment cycles funded initially by themselves and subsequently by their CCG, or vice versa.  This means they receive a continuity of care during their whole treatment, which can be an advantage to achieving successful results.

Potential patients are welcome to attend any of the free monthly open evenings to learn more about the investigations, male preservation and female preservation services and treatments Midland Fertility offers, NHS funding and how to register as patients.

Self-referring patients

Self-referring (privately-funded) patients who wish to make an appointment for an initial consultation should contact Midland Fertility:

  • by phone on 01827 311170
  • by email

Midland Fertility will send each enquirer a pack of information which includes:

  • a letter confirming the time and date of the initial consultation
  • a copy of the current Midland Fertility Patients’ Guide to Services
  • a pre-treatment questionnaire, to be completed before arrival for the appointment
  • information about the welfare of the child assessment
  • information about routine infection screening
  • an invoice for the initial consultation, payable 14 days before the appointment
  • any literature requested about specific investigations, preservation services and treatments at Midland Fertility

NHS-funded patients

Midland Fertility holds contracts to deliver fertility investigations, preservation services and treatments to some of the Midlands-based CCGs.  Go to the list of CCGs with which Midland Fertility has contracts to provide fertility treatments.

Potential patients are advised to contact their CCG to see if they are eligible for funded treatment either under one of the existing Midland Fertility contracts or on an ‘extra contractual referral’ (ECR) basis.

For guidance on contacting CCGs and criteria for funded fertility treatment, go to information about NHS funded treatment.

For specific information about eligibility, email Linda Tanner, the Midland Fertility NHS contracts manager 10.00am-3.30pm, Wednesday to Friday or phone her on 01827 311170.

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