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Dedicated to satisfaction

Midland Fertility is dedicated to providing a high quality service and hopes that every patient will feel entirely satisfied with the quality of their care during treatment.

Patients and clients should be confident that they will receive a consistent and continually improving quality service and that they have the opportunity to help improve this service through feedback to Midland Fertility, via:

  • service assessment questionnaires SAQs – Midland Fertility routinely audits the care and treatment of patients and clients and their responses can help shape developments of the service. Patients are asked for their feedback specifically after initial consultation, follow-up or after embryo transfer or IUI insemination
  • patient research questionnaires – occasionally Midland Fertility surveys patients about particular issues relating to infertility or about specific elements of the clinic’s services
  • the complaints procedure- is available to any patient who may require it. Investigations carried out as part of any complaint contribute to the continuous evaluation and improvement process of the Midland Fertility quality management system

Patient relations

The Midland Fertility patient relations manager is dedicated to ensuring that patients are entirely satisfied with the treatment they receive at Midland Fertility.  If, during any stage of treatment, a patient is unhappy with any aspect of their care, they may contact Donna Rea-Gardner via 01827 311170 or e-mail.

What if a patient has a grievance?

If a patient would like to discuss their expectations or any aspect of their treatment at Midland Fertility, they should initially speak to the relevant member of staff or to the patient relations manager so their concern may be addressed, and possibly resolved, straight away.  If they feel that this does not resolve the issues, they should put their complaint in writing, addressed to the complaints officer, Su Barlow.

To ensure that Midland Fertility is made fully aware of the concerns, the information should be supplied in writing so the matter can be processed through the complaints system.  If a patient is unable to do this, a member of staff will help.

Midland Fertility supplies an annual statistical analysis of all received complaints to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority and the Care Quality Commission.

Objectives of the complaints procedure

The complaints procedure is designed to give a patient an opportunity to fully outline their grievances and to address them with a representative of Midland Fertility.  It is the responsibility of the clinic to:

  • ensure that all reasonable assistance is given to a patient in presenting the complaint
  • ensure that the complaint is fully investigated
  • produce a response detailing the results of any investigations
  • produce an explanation of what happened
  • produce, where appropriate, an apology

The complaints procedure process

When a complaint is received, Midland Fertility should issue an acknowledgement letter within two working days.  It is the responsibility of Midland Fertility to investigate the complaint and compile a report to send back to the patient within twenty days of the receipt of the complaint.  Where this is not possible, the patient should receive a letter explaining the reason for the delay.

The complaint will be assigned to an incident administrator who, on behalf of the complaints officer, will investigate the complaint and consult with the appropriate line manager to identify any changes that may need to be made to Midland Fertility’s working practices as a result of the complaint.  These changes will be fed back to staff at the appropriate unit/departmental meeting.  The response letter the patient receives will include a summary of the investigation findings and any changes to work practice.

Midland Fertility’s insurers require notification of any complaint that involves concerns with clinical care, or which meets other criteria.  If it is necessary to progress matters, the release of confidential information is permissible under the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990 s.33(6)(f), with the exception of information that enables the identification of a donor or information for the purpose of the determination of legal parentage (where further rules apply), other than in the case of a parental order.  This means that Midland Fertility’s insurers may be notified, even without the patient’s express consent.


If the response fails to resolve the complaint to the patient’s satisfaction they should be invited to proceed to conciliation.  The aim of conciliation is to produce a clear and agreed statement of position by all parties concerned with the complaint together with proposed redress, if any, sought by the patient and offered by Midland Fertility.  It is hoped that in the process of reaching this understanding a solution will be found which will satisfy both parties.

The patient should be invited to the unit to discuss the grievance with the complaints officer.  The appointment should be made at a mutually convenient time and at the earliest possible opportunity.  The patient may be accompanied by a ‘friend’ who may represent them.

Where it is felt appropriate, another member of the Midland Fertility Board, may be invited to run the conciliation meeting and compile a report of the conciliation procedure and its outcome.

A written summary of the position at the end of conciliation should be produced and agreed by both parties together with details of any action or redress that arises as a result.

Concluding the complaints procedure

The patient has twenty days to respond to Midland Fertility’s report.  If Midland Fertility does not hear from the patient within this time, then the clinic will assume that they are happy with the response and the complaint will be closed.

A patient is free to withdraw from the complaints procedure at any time by informing the complaints officer, who will close the file and inform all interested parties.

Further information

For further information go to Quality Management.

Regulatory bodies

– Care Quality Commission

Midland Fertility Services Ltd is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), certificate number P030002061.

Patients may contact the Care Quality Commission at:

National Correspondence
Newcastle upon Tyne
T: 03000 616161
W: CQC website

– Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)

Midland Fertility Services is regulated by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), centre no. 8, for the performance of IVF, ICSI, gamete and embryo donation and for gamete and embryo storage.  Patients may contact the HFEA at:

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority
Finsbury Tower
103-105 Bunhill Row
T: 020 7291 8200
W: HFEA website

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