Midland Fertility Milestones

MFS establishes the first IVF clinic in the West Midlands
October: MFS ‘Baby 1′ born from IVF – Brett Rigby (also see 1991) brett-baby-1
1st baby born from donor insemination
Amy and Chris Barlow in 2012, with their mum Linda January: 1st IVF twins born – Amy and Chris Barlow (pictured in 2012 with mum, Linda)
1st egg donation cycle
January: 1st baby born from a frozen embryo transfer (FET) – Michael Robinson (pictured in 2012 with mum, Karen) Michael with his mum, Karen Robinson, in 2012
14rigby_ptp4100 April: 1st IVF sibling baby born – Michelle Rigby (pictured in 2012 with her parents Martin and Pauline and brother Brett – see 1988)
1st NHS-funded treatment carried out
MFS formed associations with units in India
MFS moved to Centre House, Aldridge – home to Midland Fertility until 2014 Centre House, Aldridge was Midland Fertility's home from 1993-2014
1st IVF unit in the world to be accredited with ISO 9002:1994
1st baby born from donated embryos
Bethany 1st ICSI baby April: birth of 1st baby born from ICSI – Bethany Francis (pictured with her parents Owen and Jayne)
November: birth of MFS ‘Baby 500′ – Sarah Gentle (pictured in 2012 with her parents Janet and John) The Gentle family - Janet, Sarah and John
1st baby born following assisted hatching
1st baby born from ICSI with surgically recovered sperm (TESA/PESA)
1st experimental ovarian tissue cryopreservation
5,000th patient attended MFS
3,400th ICSI/IUI cycle
3,000th IVF cycle
1,200th frozen embryo transfer cycle
1,000th ICSI cycle
70th ICSI with TESA/PESA
Extension of nursing role – MFS has some of the most highly-qualified nurses in the world
April: birth of MFS ‘Baby 1,000′ – Ben Wilson-Walker (pictured in 2012 with his mums Marian and Julie and sisters Samantha and Sophie – see also Samantha in 1999) The Wilson-Walker family in 2012 (clockwise) Marian, Ben, Sam, Julie and Sophie
MFS nurses perform egg recoveries
1st IVF unit to offer hypnotherapy to help patients manage stress
2,000th ICSI cycle carried out
June: birth of MFS ‘Baby 1,500′ – Samantha Wilson-Walker (pictured in 2012 with her mums Marian and Julie, brother Ben – see 1998 –  and sister Sophie) The Wilson-Walker family in 2012 (clockwise) Marian, Ben, Sam, Julie and Sophie
1st baby born from blastocyst transfer
MFS nurses perform surgical sperm retrieval MFS nurses perform surgical sperm recovery procedures
Dr Gillian Lockwood becomes medical director of MFS
MFS becomes 1st IVF clinic in the UK to use Inhibin B to assess ovarian reserve
Helped establish new IVF unit in Jamaica
Molly and Hannah Pitchforth in 2012, with mum and dad, Sally and Jim April: birth of MFS ‘Baby 2,000′ – Molly and Hannah Pitchforth (pictured in 2012 with parents Jim and Sally)
Fitness for Fertility’ programme introduced – special diet and exercise programme for patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
June: the UK’s first ‘frozen egg‘ baby born following treatment at MFS (pictured in 2012 with mum Helen Perry), giving hope to young cancer patients who can now ‘preserve’ their fertility by egg freezing before chemotherapy Emily with mum Helen Perry in 2012
July: the UK’s first baby born after her mother was treated with Viagra to thicken the lining of her womb, as part of her fertility treatment at MFS
Francesca Brookes in 2012, with her parents Michelle and Garry May: birth of 2,500th baby following treatment at MFS – Francesca Brookes (pictured in 2012 with parents Michelle and Garry)
3,500th ICSI cycle
November: birth of 3,000th baby after treatment at MFS – Cameron Sinclair (pictured with parents David and Nina in 2012) The Sinclair family in 2012 - David, Cameron and Nina
10 years of ICSI – 1,309 babies born from 4,000 ICSI cycles
1st IVF unit in the UK to be accredited with ISO 9001:2000
MFS receives IiP recognition MFS is recognised as an Investor in People
February: MFS recognised by the Healthcare Commission as an independent hospital
February: MFS launches the ‘Funded Fertility Treatment for All’ campaign with The Birmingham Post, which funded treatment for four couples unable to receive NHS-funding
June: 13,000th patient registered at MFS
September: MFS celebrates 18 years of providing fertility treatment MFS's 18th birthday party
Annie Trinity Hattersley in 2012 with her surrogate 'Nanny Annie' Casserly, mum Emma and Dad Andrew September: birth of MFS 1st Grandma surrogate baby – Annie Trinity Hattersley (pictured in 2012 with her surrogate Nanny Annie Casserley and parents Emma and Andrew)
September: birth of the UK’s first ‘frozen egg’ twins born after treatment at MFS
February: MFS received a CIPR gold award from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (Midlands) for clarity and accessibility of literature, website and media coverage
March: Successful HFEA / Healthcare Commission joint inspection MFS successfully completes a joint HFEA/Healthcare Commission inspection
April: UK’s first twins born after the mother was treated with Viagra to thicken her womb lining, as part of her fertility treatment at MFS
MFS babies 2,500, 3,000 and 3,500 July: birth of 3,500th baby after treatment at MFS – Lola Turley (centre – pictured with her mum, Maria, Francesca (baby 2,500, left] and Cameron [baby 3,000, right) and Dr Gillian Lockwood [centre back])
October: 18th birthday of MFS’s 1st baby (see 1998) Brett at 18
January: MFS expands to include the second floor of Centre House in Aldridge
Fertility & Infertility for Dummies is published May: MFS medical director, Dr Gillian Lockwood and MFS communications manager, Jill Anthony-Ackery co-author Fertility & Infertility for Dummies
The Cross family in 2012 - Erin, Darren, Carol and Lewis February: birth of MFS ‘Baby 4,000′ – Erin and Lewis Cross (pictured in 2012 with parents Darren and Carole)
June: MFS celebrates its 21st birthday with a party attended by 1,000 patients and MFS babies, children and teenagers MFS celebrates its 21st birthday
June: birth of the first MFS frozen blastocyst baby
December: MFS launches vitrification flash-freezing process
January: 18th birthday of MFS’s first frozen embryo transfer (FET) baby MFS's 1st frozen embryo transfer baby is 18!
Zach Howley with his parents Shareena and Fred January: birth of MFS’s 2000th ICSI baby – Zach Howley (pictured with parents Shareena and Fred)
February: MFS Forum registers 700th Forum user
March: MFS launches MUMS@MFS antenatal scanning services Mr Chris Griffin of MUMS and Dr Gillian Lockwood of MFS launch MUMS@MFS
baby4500_dsc1101 August: birth of MFS ‘Baby 4,500′  – Ellie and Richie Gummerson (pictured with parents Libby and Mark, and Jill Anthony-Ackery from Midland Fertility)
October: 21st birthday of MFS’s 1st baby (see 1988)
December: MFS confirms clinic’s first twin pregnancy from vitrified blastocysts
June: MFS confirms birth of the clinic’s first twins born from vitrified blastocysts
November: another MFS record-breaker!  Ryleigh Mae Rose Shepherd is born on 18 November 2010 after her embryo had been frozen and stored for 11 months, 2 months and 5 days, before transfer.  She is a conceptual triplet to her sisters Megan Mary and Bethany Jayne born on 13 August 1999 ryleigh1a
Olivia Grace Bate with her parents Karen Bateman and Carl Bate and Gr Gillian Lockwood (l), medical director of MFS and Su Barlow, laboratory director (r) December:  . . . and another UK milestone too!  Olivia Grace Bate, the MFS’s and the UK’s first ‘flash-frozen’ (vitrified) egg baby was born in December 2010 bringing delight to her parents and confirming MFS’s position as the UK’s leading egg freezing clinic.
January: MFS confirms the birth of the first boy and the UK’s second ‘flash-frozen’ egg baby, following the birth of the clinic’s, and the UK’s, first vitrified egg baby (see above) in December 2010 (pictured in 2012 with parents Satnam Singh and Palvinderjeet Kaur) Jai Singh in 2012 with his mum and dad, Satnam and Palvinderjeet
Harry and Jacob Moreby in 2012 April: birth of MFS ‘Baby 5,000′ – Harry and Jacob Moreby (pictured in 2012)
June: ESHRE conference confirms birth of the world’s 5 millionth IVF baby
MFS celebrates the unit’s 25th anniversary with the gathering of 25 Milestone Babies The MFS 25th Anniversary '25 Milestone Babies'
R5L_19_ptp2524a October: birth of MFS ‘Baby 5,500′ – Isaac Joseph Bettesworth (pictured in April 2013 with his parents Emily and Scott and Shelagh Fogarty of BBC Radio5Live)
10 April: death of Sir Robert Edwards, who with Professor Patrick Steptoe developed the IVF technique and were responsible for the birth of Louise Brown,the first world’s first test tube baby in July 1978
Dr Gillian Lockwood, Jill Anthony-Ackery, Lynsey Bissell and Shelagh Fogarty 23 April: Midland Fertility hosts a live 2 hour broadcast of the BBC Radio5Live Shelagh Fogarty health show
October: EmbryoScopeTM comes to Midland Fertility – a time-lapse imaging incubator which will improve livebirth rates embryoscope2
February: birth of the first three babies following the use of intralipid infusion to prevent implantation failure and early miscarriage
April: Midland Fertility announces new blastocyst reults: following IVF treatment, from May 2013 to April 2014 the current pregnancy rate for blastocyst transfer for women of all ages is 60.2%
July: Birth of 1st Time-Lapse Imaging Baby.  Pixie was born following ICSI treatment and then her embryo was incubated and observed with time-lapse imaging Pixie was the 1st baby to be born after her embryo was observed with time-lapse imaging
logo 2014 August: Midland Fertility launches new branding and corporate ID
August: Birth of ‘Baby 6,000’. Xander was born following ICSI treatment (Xander pictured with his parents Sarah and Sam) 'Baby 6,000' Xander with his parents Sam and Sarah Rhodes
6 September: last patients are treated at Centre House, Aldridge.  Director of nursing services, Heidi Birch performed the very last embryo transfer, just as she had done at Little Aston in 1993, before the move to Centre House

last patients Andy & Jemma
last patients Andy and Jemma

last patients Jason & Kelly
last embryo transfer patients Jason and Kelly
Midland Fertility in Tamworth Hause 8 September: Midland Fertility opens for business in Tamworth
August: 1st Baby born after EmbryoGlue treatment.  Laura and Chris had four embryo transfers which all resulted in early pregnancy loss, before Laura was treated under the miscarriage service which included EmbryoGlue during her fifth transfer, resulting in the birth of Amber. Amber was born after her parents treatment included EmbryoGlue at the point of transfer
March 2016: Midland Fertility confirmed a livebirth rate for women aged up to 35 years was 50.0% for IVF – compared to the current published national average of 31.1%. For more info
shared-motherhood May 2016: In response to patient feedback, Midland Fertility launches ‘Shared Motherhood‘ IVF for lesbian couples, which enables one partner to be the genetic mother of the baby, while her wife/partner is the birth mother.
IVI-midland-fertility-logo-web-large November 2016:  Midland Fertility Joins The IVI Group
IVI is a world leader in assisted fertility treatment with over 2000 professionals providing care across more than 50 clinics in 11 countries worldwide.
IVI has clinics opening across the UK and warmly welcomes Midland Fertility to the IVI family.
Partnering with leading fertility experts in the UK, IVI is committed to bringing the most innovative techniques and treatments based on our extensive and ongoing scientific research to our patients.

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