Quality Management at Midland Fertility

Midland Fertility aims to provide the highest possible standards of care and treatment to patients and clients through the employment of experienced and highly skilled clinical, scientific and business support staff and by the continuous review of all services and the implementation of new developments in investigating and treating infertility.

This quality of service results from:

The resulting quality system is mandatory for all staff at Midland Fertility.

Patients and clients should be confident that they will receive a consistent and continually improving quality of service and that they have the opportunity to help improve this service through feedback to Midland Fertility, via:

  • service assessment questionnaires SAQs – Midland Fertility routinely audits the care and treatment of patients and clients and their responses can help shape developments of the service
  • patient research questionnaires – occasionally Midland Fertility surveys patients about particular issues relating to infertility or about specific elements of the clinic’s services
  • the complaints procedure– investigations carried out as part of any complaint contribute to the continuous evaluation and improvement process of the Midland Fertility quality management system.   For a copy of the Complaints Procedure, go to the Midland Fertility Patient Treatment Information page and download the ‘Patient Feedback’ infosheet

Quality manual

The Midland Fertility quality manual is available to read by downloading the following PDF files:

LU: 6/3/17/JAA