Best IVF Success Rates in the West Midlands – Official!

Issue Date: 1 July 2016

Figures published by the fertility regulator confirm that Midland Fertility achieved the best success rates for all ages out of the seven clinics in the West Midlands.

The statistics cover embryo transfers for fresh IVF and ICSI cycles from July 2014 to June 2015 and are published by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

The data confirms that Midland Fertility achieved the best results in the West Midlands for patients across all age groups, and specifically for those aged 35 to 37, and 38 to 39.

From July 2014 to June 2015, Midland Fertility achieved a clinical pregnancy rate per IVF/ICSI fresh embryo transfer of:

  • 42.1% across all age groups

Q2 success rates allages.jul16.jlaa

  • 41.6% for women age 35 to 37

Q2 success rates 35to37.jul16.jlaa

  • 46.7% for women age 38 to 39

Q2 success rates 38to39.jul16.jlaa

“Midland Fertility is delighted with these success rates. They confirm that people who need assisted conception in the West Midlands have the best chance of conceiving at our clinic, in Tamworth,” said Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director at Midland Fertility.

“Since we relocated to the state of the art unit in 2014, we have seen our success rates rise consistently.  Patients can benefit from our 29 years’ experience in providing top quality fertility treatment in the region.

“These verified statistics from the fertility regulator show that Midland Fertility patients can be confident that we offer the best chance available in the region of achieving their dream of becoming parents – as well as the highest standard of care.”