Shared Motherhood IVF for Lesbian Couples

Issued: 7 June 2016

Midland Fertility’s ‘Shared Motherhood’ is a new service for lesbian couples that enables one partner to be the genetic mother of the baby, while her wife/partner is the birth mother.


Midland Fertility has treated lesbian couples since the clinic opened in 1987, when IUI with donor sperm was the recommended treatment, unless there was a clinical need for the partner receiving the treatment to have IVF.

“But the clinic has responded to requests from some lesbian couples that a ‘reciprocal IVF’ service would enable both partners to contribute to the conception, pregnancy and birth experience, and so we developed the Shared Motherhood protocol,” explained Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director of Midland Fertility.

“Shared Motherhood enables a lesbian couple to conceive with eggs collected from one partner, and the resulting embryo/s are then transferred into her wife/partner, for her to carry the pregnancy and to give birth.  So, right from conception, motherhood is a totally shared experience.”

Although the service is more costly and invasive than IUI, new lesbian couple patients have welcomed the additional choice it gives them to have a family – and to do so safely – at a clinic that is currently achieving IVF pregnancy rates  of +50% for women up to 40.  Sperm from a known donor, or from Midland Fertility’s, or another, sperm bank may be used in the treatment.

As is the case for all lesbian couples who are married or in a civil partnership, both mothers’ names can be included on the birth certificate of any child born as a result of Shared Motherhood IVF treatment.

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