One plus two equals a perfect Fathers’ day!

Issue Date: June 2016

Lee and Victoria Hudson will be celebrating Fathers’ Day this year as a complete family after fertility treatment took them from one child to three!

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Victoria and Lee from Kidderminster had already been lucky enough to have a son, Ben, born in 2003 without issue but had been trying for a sibling ever since.


Victoria and Lee who are both 40, and directors of their own company, were happy to let nature take its course but the older Ben got, the need to complete their family got stronger.

“We were so blessed to have Ben,” said Victoria, “But we really wanted a brother or sister for him and we just couldn’t understand why we couldn’t conceive again!”

Finally, seven years after the birth of Ben, Victoria found out she was pregnant.

“It was like our prayers had been answered,” said Lee.

The pregnancy progressed to ten weeks but when Victoria started bleeding and was referred to her local hospital, she was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy.  The pregnancy was lost along with her Fallopian tube making a further natural conception almost impossible.

“We just felt like it wasn’t meant to be and that we would never have any more children,” said Lee.

Time passed but the need to be parents again became overwhelming.  The couple decided to visit a local fertility clinic for advice and investigations.  It was then that they learned that having IVF would give them their best chance of conceiving.

But two treatment cycles at a local clinic both resulted in negative pregnancy tests.

“We thought we had reached the end of the road,” said Lee.  “It was a friend of Victoria’s however that recommended Midland Fertility as she had had successful treatment there.”

Victoria and Lee had a consultation at Midland Fertility, based in Tamworth, and decided to try once again.

“We wanted to know whether we had a chance of another baby or whether my age was the reason we would never have another child and we should just give up.  I just wanted someone to be honest with me,” said Victoria.

Following advice from Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director at Midland Fertility, Victoria began a follicle tracking cycle with a stimulant to measure ovarian response to a enable tailor-made treatment plan to be created.

“My ovarian response was not great so we were advised to abandon the cycle,” said Victoria.

After meeting with the clinical team once again, a new ‘recipe’ of medication was tailored to suit Victoria, accompanied by an endometrial scratch, a simple procedure where the lining of the uterus is ‘disturbed’ before embryo transfer to help with embryo implantation.

The new approach was successful and Victoria made it to egg collection.

“We were over the moon when the laboratory team told us we had resulting embryos!” said Lee.

Two embryos were transferred and after an emotional two week wait, Victoria discovered that she was pregnant!

A further two weeks later the couple attended their first pregnancy scan and to their delight, two healthy heartbeats could be seen.

“I cried with joy!” said Victoria.

The following months were steady but the couple were never able to relax.

“I was very much aware that things could go wrong, especially with a twin pregnancy,” said Victoria.

Thankfully, the twins, Thomas and Ellie, were delivered by caesarean section at 36 weeks.

“We are so very grateful for the care we received at Midland Fertility and that we were given the chance to become a complete family,” said Lee.  “I have gone from a father of one to three in just a few months and I couldn’t be happier!”

“Struggling to have a second child is very common and known as secondary infertility,” said Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director at Midland Fertility.

“Problems can occur with pregnancies that can prevent natural conception again. We are delighted however that we are able to complete families and make Fathers’ Day extra special for many couples, like Lee and Victoria.”

MFS  2nd June 2016Pictures by Paul Thomas Photographic Ltd 0121 353 7299 Mobile 07773340163  email web:

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