Baby 6,500 for Midland Fertility!

Issue date: 20 June 2016

Lichfield mum Nicola celebrates with Midland Fertility after her daughter, Imogen, becomes baby 6500!

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Nicola (33), a proud mum of two children both born after fertility treatment at Midland Fertility, had no idea that her struggle to become a mum would result in a milestone celebration with the Tamworth clinic!

The veterinary nurse had always yearned to become a mum but after a failed relationship had left her childless she started to think about her future.

“Even though I was single, I still had the overwhelming desire to be a mum but really didn’t know what my options were about making this happen safely,” said Nicola.

After Nicola discussed her thoughts with her family, she felt her only option was to pursue motherhood through a fertility clinic.

“I wanted to do this properly so I researched local clinics and Midland Fertility felt like the right option for me.”

After booking a consultation to discuss the process Nicola was happy to proceed with fertility treatment using a sperm donor sourced through the clinic.

The process involved Nicola undergoing counselling with Midland Fertility to talk about the emotional, practical and legal aspects of donor treatment and to explore ways of telling any resulting children about their origins.

“I was proud of what I was doing as a single woman and had always been clear about telling my child about how they were conceived.  It was important for my child to know how much they were wanted,” said Nicola.

Nicola decided to opt for an IVF treatment cycle to maximise her chances of a pregnancy so after weeks of self-administered injections and regular scanning, she had two embryos transferred. Sadly, the cycle ended with a negative pregnancy test.

“I was gutted.  I just couldn’t understand what had gone wrong.  I had no major medical issues so why had it not worked?” said Nicola.

Nicola decided to use her frozen embryos from the same cycle and had two transferred three months later.

This time things took a different path and she was delighted to see two lines on the pregnancy test.

Nicola’s joy however was short-lived when an early miscarriage ended her pregnancy.

“I was absolutely crushed.  It was worse than having the negative test. I had come too far for this to happen,” said Nicola.

Despite her fears about future failure, her need to become a mum pushed her on and a further IVF cycle also resulted in another positive test.  This time a healthy, full-term pregnancy followed.

“I loved being pregnant,” explained Nicola. “I think it was extra special because I was single so it was just me and my bump.”

Elliott was born in April 2013 but he was only 10 months old when the familiar feeling of wanting more children visited Nicola again.  She returned to Midland Fertility for advice.

“My family thought I was mad but I really wanted a sibling for Elliott.  I had frozen embryos left and I wanted to try again whilst my age was on my side.”

A frozen transfer unfortunately resulted in a negative pregnancy test but Nicola was determined to try a whole IVF treatment cycle again using the same sperm donor as before.

A positive pregnancy test result followed an embryo transfer and Nicola’s dream of a larger family was starting to become reality.

After a trouble free pregnancy Imogen was born in October 2015.

Meanwhile, Midland Fertility had been collecting live birth data and was ready to announce the birth of milestone baby 6,500.

“I got a phone call from the clinic to tell me the news that Imogen was a hall of fame baby.  Both of my children are special but to have a milestone baby makes it just perfect!”

Nicola, Elliott and Imogen were invited back to the clinic to celebrate being such a special family.

“If I had any advice for other women in a similar situation to mine I would say don’t hold back.  If you want to become a mum then go for it, but make sure you go through a clinic to ensure your treatment is safe.  I love being a single mum!”

“Midland Fertility has an open access policy and has treated single women since the unit opened in 1987,” said Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director.

“Receiving treatment through a fertility clinic helps single women avoid the risks of informal sperm donor arrangements.  We are thrilled that Imogen is our baby 6,500 and welcome her to our hall of fame.”

Imogen and Elliot Coombs

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