Proud to be Midland Fertility!

Issue date: 27 May 2016

A team from Midland Fertility will be heading  to Birmingham Pride tomorrow to talk to festival goers about access to fertility treatment for same sex couples.

Your Pride and Joy

Following a successful day talking to lesbian and gay couples in 2015, the team will return tomorrow to officially launch ‘shared motherhood‘ to lesbian couples.  Shared motherhood involves one partner undergoing an IVF treatment cycle where eggs are retrieved.  They are then fertilised with donor sperm and resulting embryos transferred to the other partner with the aim of a pregnancy.  This process enables both partners to experience joint motherhood from the start.

Midland Fertility is also proud of it’s surrogacy programme for gay couples and by using an egg donor and surrogate, gay men can achieve their own family.

The team will also emphasise the importance of safe treatment for single and lesbian women wanting to use donor sperm and to discourage women using informal ‘rogue’ sperm donors.

Couples can also discuss screening available, counselling, options for fertility treatment and treatment available to trans people wanting to preserve fertility, pre- transition.

If you want advice or information about starting a family, pop along to see the staff from Midland Fertility tomorrow at Pride!

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