Skye’s the Limit!

Issued: 4 March 2016

Michelle Chaplain is a first time mum this Mothers’ Day after a Tamworth fertility clinic made her dream come true.

Baby Skye was born in December 2015 after a heart-breaking miscarriage and then successful fertility treatment at Midland Fertility.

Michelle and Skye Chaplain
Michelle and Skye Chaplain

Michelle (29) and husband Graham (36) from Hockley, had tried for a family of their own for five years without success before seeking advice from their GP.  Following investigations at their local hospital, Michelle was found to have a blocked Fallopian tube.

“I always knew I wanted to be a mom and the lack of success over all the years we had been trying was so frustrating, especially seeing friends and family have their babies,” said Michelle.

Michelle, a shop assistant, and Graham, an office worker, were referred to Midland Fertility in 2011 for further advice and help.

“The team at Midland Fertility carried out some detailed investigations and explained the results to us as we really didn’t have a clue what to expect,” said Michelle.

The couple underwent a cycle of IVF treatment and following a frozen embryo transfer in January 2012, and after an anxious two week wait, Michelle reported a positive pregnancy test!

“We couldn’t believe our luck and thought it would be plain sailing!” said Graham.

They returned to Midland Fertility for an early pregnancy scan and although there was evidence of the beginning of a pregnancy, no heartbeat was detected.

“We were in shock at first after being on such a high after the positive test,” said Michelle.  “I struggled to accept it was over.”

“We had to take some time out as the miscarriage really set us back.  I was almost too scared to try again in case the same thing happened.  After speaking to the team at Midland Fertility, I felt reassured that things would go well,” said Michelle.

Following another IVF cycle later in 2014, they found themselves in the same situation – being hopeful that the result would be positive, but scared in case it was and that they would suffer another miscarriage.

To Michelle and Grahams delight, the pregnancy test result was a positive!

Michelle and Graham Chaplain

“We were delighted but I was so much more anxious this time,” said Rebecca.  “Once I was discharged from the care of Midland Fertility I was even more frightened as the NHS 12 week scan seemed a lifetime away. We were so pleased that the new See My baby pregnancy scanning service was available at the clinic because we could have reassurance scans and then later on, bonding scans, where we could really see our daughter developing.”

Michelle delivered Skye just before Christmas 2015 making this Mothers’ Day her first!

“We will be spending Mothers’ Day celebrating with family,” said Michelle.  “I never thought it would happen to us but if I could give anyone advice about trying for a family, don’t leave it too long before you seek help!”

“Midland Fertility is delighted for Michelle and Graham but also recognises that Mothers’ Day can be a very emotional time for many families.  The clinic is proud to offer tailor-made treatment for each patient, and a pregnancy scanning service to provide reassurance throughout a precious pregnancy,” said Beth Elton, nurse supervisor.