An Egg-Straordinary Lady

Issue date: 28 March 2016

Jessica Gartside is an extraordinary lady.  She has donated her eggs to women she has never even met to enable them to become mums.

Jessica had contemplated altruistic egg donation since her sister had donated her eggs in London some years before.

iStock_000019105516 eggsinhands

Jessica, 31, a dog groomer from Coventry, was lucky enough to have two children of her own Hollie and Harry and just after Harry was born, she felt it was time to take her decision further.

“I saw my eggs as something precious that I no longer needed but someone else didn’t have, so it made perfect sense.  My husband and I talked it through and he was very supportive and understanding about my decision”, said Jessica.

She underwent her first egg donation cycle with another clinic but after a break, Jessica started to think about donation once again.

“As my children grew, I knew that another woman somewhere was missing out on being a mum.  I researched clinics and chose Midland Fertility to try again,” said Jessica.

“I felt different coming into the clinic and was motivated by just being in a welcoming environment. I saw the counsellor to talk about my decision and was certain that I wanted to do this again.”

As Jessica had previous experience with an egg donation cycle, she flew through the treatment at Midland Fertility which involved self administered injections and regular scanning.

“I am excited about the prospect of helping another woman or two. It’s the best feeling ever being a parent and having love for a child. I consider myself honoured to be able to help other families experience this.”

“Midland Fertility is very proud of its donation programme and egg donation is particularly appropriate around Easter, not only for the giving and receiving of eggs but more importantly the start of new life!” said Heidi Birch, nursing director at Midland Fertility.