A Christmas Sparkler!

Issue date: 16 December 2015

Anna Hassell and Kate Baldwin will be spending Christmas this year as mums for the first time to baby Heidi, named after a very special lady!

Following treatment at Midland Fertility in Tamworth, Anna and Kate conceived with a little help from Heidi Birch, director of nursing services at the clinic.

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“We have been together since we were 19 but even from the beginning we often talked about having a family,” said Anna.

Anna (34) a high school teacher and Kate (34) a primary school teacher came to Midland Fertility in 2014 and began an intrauterine insemination cycle (IUI) using donor sperm sourced through the clinic.

The cycle of treatment went smoothly but sadly a negative pregnancy test ended the couple’s two week wait.

“As we hadn’t tried any type of treatment before so we really didn’t know whether we would have success straight away.  Even so, we were more disappointed than we thought we would be,” said Kate.

After taking some time out, Anna and Kate from Sutton Coldfield decided to progress to an IVF treatment cycle in early 2015.

“IVF was recommended to give us a better chance of a pregnancy so there was no question about proceeding.  We knew it was more invasive than IUI but we were so focused on our family that we knew we would go ahead straight away,” said Anna.

After a course of self administered injections and regular visits to the clinic, Anna was ready for egg collection.

“Kate did most of my injections and was brilliant!  It was important that we were both involved in the treatment,” said Anna.

Heidi Birch was present at Anna’s egg collection as she had overseen the couples’ treatment.  As nursing director, Heidi is qualified to carry out all procedures at the clinic.

“We had seen Heidi at every stage and she also transferred our two embryos,” said Kate. “We felt comfortable with her and she was always very reassuring.”

Heidi Birch has worked at Midland Fertility since its own conception, 28 years ago.  She is one of the most highly skilled nurses in the UK carrying out a wide range of procedures including egg collections and embryo transfers.  Heidi has also recent passed a drug prescribing course for work within the fertility field.

The couple began their second two week wait.  “It was excruciating but we did it by the book as it was so important to us.  When we saw that positive, we couldn’t believe it.  Kate rang the clinic to deliver the news!” said Anna.

Anna and Kate returned to the clinic for their first pregnancy scan, which was carried out by Heidi, and they were relieved to see a heartbeat.

“We decided to come back for further scans to the See My Baby service as we felt comfortable in the surroundings and were so very happy with the team who had treated us”

“We decided to find out whether we were having a girl or boy and once we discovered it wa a girl, the name seemed a natural choice,” said Anna.

We both had always loved the children’s books called Heidi and with Heidi being in charge of our care at Midland Fertility it seemed a fitting tribute.”

Their daughter arrived safely in November this year and Anna and Kate felt named her Heidi Jean after the lady who had transferred her as an embryo and Anna’s grandma, Jean!

“I was overwhelmed when I heard about baby Heidi!” said Heidi Birch.  “My middle name is also Jean, something which Anna and Kate were unaware of when naming their daughter!”

“I am delighted to help create such happy families and am truly honoured to have such a beautiful girl named after me!”