Claire’s Story…

Issued: 6 November 2015

Claire and Neil Perkins first came to Midland Fertility to seek help to conceive after two years of trying for their family.

Rhys, Chloe and Claire
Rhys, Chloe and Claire

Claire 39 worked as a sister in a hospital at the time.

” We knew we both wanted children and after nothing happen for two years I went to my GP and we were referred to Midland Fertility which was in Aldridge at the time,” said Claire.

The results of baseline investigations showed that the couple needed ICSI treatment to get a more reliable probability of fertilisation.

“We didn’t really know too much about the IVF/ICSI process but felt like we were in good hands at the clinic so went ahead with a cycle of treatment as soon as we could.”

They underwent a single cycle of treatment which resulted in three embryos.  Claire had two embryos transferred and they were delighted with two heartbeats being present on their first pregnancy scan!

“We were over the moon,” said Claire!  “We hoped one of the two embryos would implant but couldn’t believe how lucky we were to see the two heartbeats.”

Chloe and Rhys were born in April 2010.

Claire and Neil 48 had one embryo frozen from this cycle and as they had completed their family, decided to donate the embryo to research in order to help others in a similar situation.

“We felt complete with Chloe and Rhys and with one embryo remaining, I hoped that by donating it to research we could help advances in fertility technology so other women could become mums against the odds too.”

Following the birth of her twins, Claire decided she wanted to work for the clinic which helped her have her family!

“Fertility treatment is now under my skin and as I was already a nurse, caring for people is second nature to me.  I feel that my experiences with fertility treatment makes me better at caring for others in the same situation.”

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