Family Matters: Lynsey’s Story…

Lynsey Bissell (37) worked at Midland Fertility for three years before she and her husband James discovered they needed fertility treatment after James, 32, was diagnosed with Kartageners Syndrome.

James, George and Lynsey
James, George and Lynsey

This condition prevents the cilia in the body from its natural movement resulting in recurring chest infections.  The tail of the sperm is also made from cilia thus rendering it immotile.   The couple underwent ICSI treatment with a surgical sperm retrieval in an attempt to achieve pregnancy in February 2011.

Lynsey developed OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) after her egg collection and as a precautionary measure, all 11 embryos that had resulted from treatment were frozen for future use.

The couple then had a frozen embryo transfer in July 2011 which proved positive!  During early pregnancy scans the couple were delighted to learn two heartbeats were detected  but sadly only the one remained at the 12 week scan.

Sadness was followed by elation after George was born the following April.

“We feel so lucky and blessed every day and never take the small things for granted.  Although our dream has come true, I never forget how wretched it was to feel like I was never going to be a mum”

LU: 3/9/15 LJB