A Poem to My Husband

Jennifer and Matthew are currently going through IVF treatment at Midland Fertility, and in the week of their egg collection, she sent us this poem which she wrote for her husband, she explained: ‘to help him to understand how much I appreciate his love and support throughout the process and that although it is me that is physically going through the treatment I wanted him to know I understood we were both experiencing it emotionally’.

love poem

Why I Love You

We fell in love and became man and wife
We had a plan, it was perfect
The two of us for life!

What could be better than to add,
Husband, Wife now Mum and Dad.
How were we to know the road ahead,
Would be so much harder than they said.

A few years together pass – married bliss,
Something tiny was all that was a miss.
We tried, we loved and we so hoped,
Disappointment and  heartache but together we coped.

A new plan in place, all hope is not lost,
Knowing there would be an emotional cost.
We took it on willingly for a tiny heartbeat,
Disappointment to hopefully take a backseat!

With everything crossed and love in our hearts,
We wake every morning to a new start.
Inflicting pain with a needle, only 40 more goes,
You see the pain in my eyes and listen my woes!

You hold me so tight when all I do is cry,
You tell me you love me and I wonder why!
To give you a baby, to become mum and dad,
Is all that I dream for I want it so bad.

The love and support that you shower on me,
The forgiveness, patience and all that I see,
A father in my eyes you already are
Just missing your child, your little star.

You are the wonderful one of us both,
for you tell me it’s me, you never boast,
You’re caring, you’re kind, you hold my hand,
For us happiness is all I have planned.

With you my heart is already whole
I just wish to add to it another soul
The reasons I love you, too many to write
Thank you for keeping my hope burning bright.

So we continue to love, we continue to strive,
Till the day that our children – sing ‘We’ve Arrived’.

Issued: 13/10/15/JAA