Family Matters…

As Midland Fertility has been creating families since 1987, we understand that family matters!

The team are highly skilled professionals who have extensive experience in the science and medical research involved in modern fertility treatment.

l-r Claire, Jenny, Beth, Lynsey, Jill
l-r Claire, Jenny, Beth, Lynsey, Jill

Work at Midland Fertility goes much deeper than just a job however.  Many of the team are parents themselves and five members of staff have experienced the frustrations and devastation of infertility first hand.

Three clinical team members and two business support staff have been successfully treated at Midland Fertility themselves, three before they began their careers with the clinic and two whilst carrying out their jobs here!

Between the five ladies, they have suffered childlessness, despair, pregnancy loss, the rigors of fertility treatment and then ultimately, the joy of the births of their longed for children.

Although their treatment cycles were different, all five women agree that having experienced infertility themselves makes them better at their jobs and more capable of helping other people through the emotional journey of fertility treatment.

Watch this space for their individual stories…..



LU: 3/9/15 LJB