Pixie Perfect!

Issued: 13 March 2015

Sally, Pixie and Stephen
Sally, Pixie and Stephen

This Sunday will be extra special for one Walsall mum – it’s her first Mothers’ Day.

Sally Morley, a nursery manager, and husband Stephen, an engineer, had been best friends for years before they decided to tie the knot and start trying for their own family straight away.

“I knew time was against me being 36 when we started trying so when I failed to get pregnant each month I knew we should have fertility tests as soon as possible,” said Sally.

Sally (38) and Stephen (39) sought advice from Midland Fertility based in Tamworth.  Despite Stephen already having two sons from a previous relationship it was found that intracytoplasmic sperm injection known as ICSI would give the couple the best chances of success.  ICSI is when a single sperm is injected directly into an egg to aid fertilisation.

“I was excited to be taking control of our situation but as I was needle phobic I knew it would really put my resolve to the test,” explained Sally.

A fertility treatment cycle can involve weeks of self-administered injections, into the tummy or leg, along with regular blood tests at the clinic. Sally however, found strength and support in Stephen.

“Steve was brilliant and did all of my injections for me, even the late night one!” said Sally

Sally and Stephen’s treatment coincided with the arrival of the EmbryoScope at Midland Fertility and they were the first couple to use the brand new technology.  The EmbryoScope is an incubator that uses time lapse photography to capture images of the developing embryo.  The mini ‘movies’ result allow the embryologists to select the best embryo to transfer which helps increase implantation rates and reduce miscarriage rates.

“We were keen to try anything that would improve our chances and had faith in the team’s recommendations,” said Stephen.

Sally had one embryo transferred in October 2013 and following an anxious two week wait for the pregnancy test, Sally attended Midland Fertility for a check-up after feeling unwell.

“The doctor checked me over and carried out a pregnancy test whilst I was at the clinic and to my amazement, it was positive!” said Sally.

The couple’s daughter arrived in the summer of 2014 and was named Pixie after the fertilisation technique that was used in her mum and dads treatment, ICSI!

“Congratulations to Sally and Stephen and the arrival of ‘ICSI’ Pixie – one of our very first EmbrypScope babies!” said Su Barlow, laboratory director at Midland Fertility. “More than 150 babies have now been born where EmbryoScope was used as part of the lab procedure for their parents’ fertility treatment – and many of these will be celebrating their first Mothers’ Day too.”