One Cycle, Two Pregnancies, Three Babies!

Issued: 14 March 2015

Katie and Matthew Preston with Isabel, Arthur and Ethan
Katie and Matthew Preston with Isabel, Arthur and Ethan

Katie and Matthew Preston will be celebrating Mothers’ Day this year as a remarkable family of five!

Katie and Matthew, both 28, of Castlevale, Birmingham, underwent a cycle of fertility treatment at Midland Fertility which gave them their conceptual triplets – babies conceived at the same time but born two years apart after two pregnancies!

Katie, a store cashier, and Matthew, a manager, had tried for a family for four years before being referred to Midland Fertility for treatment with NHS funding.

“We had undergone basic testing with the NHS and were told that we should progress to assisted conception rather than continue to try naturally,” said Katie. “I also lost some weight so I was really pleased to be able to move forwards with treatment.”

Midland Fertility advised that ICSI treatment would give the couple the best chances of success.  ICSI, or intracytoplasmic sperm injection, is when a single sperm is injected directly into the egg to help fertilisation.

Katie had her egg collection which resulted in seven eggs being retrieved and the creation of six embryos.

“We were over the moon with the way the treatment cycle went and were hopeful about the next step.”

One embryo was transferred and the couple faced an agonising two week wait to carry out a pregnancy test.

“I did the test secretly, and slightly early, which was negative so I really didn’t think the treatment had worked,” said Katie, “On the actual test date I was shaking.  When two lines appeared I sat daydreaming about what our future held.  I woke Matthew and told him we were pregnant!  We then phoned the clinic as we wanted them to be the first to know!”

After a complicated pregnancy involving emergency removal of Katie’s right ovary at 15 weeks, Ethan arrived safely just before Christmas in 2012.

After Ethan was born, the time came for the couple to decide what to do with their three remaining frozen embryos.

“We just couldn’t discard them after the effort and dedication that went into creating them in the first place so we decided to use them and leave our family to chance, just like the first time round,” said Matthew.

All embryos survived the thaw and the two very best were transferred.  The couple then waited in anticipation of their second pregnancy test.

“It was positive!” said Katie. “We felt truly blessed and to our surprise, on attending our first pregnancy scan at Midland Fertility we saw not one, but two little heartbeats!”

Arthur and Isabel arrived five days before their big brothers’ second birthday.

“December is a busy time for the Preston family now, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We feel complete and adore our conceptual triplets!” said Katie.

“Not only do we owe our own family to Midland Fertility, the godparents to our children are the parents of Midland Fertility ‘Baby 6,000’!” said Matthew, “Our lives are full of Midland Fertility miracles!”

“Katie and Matthew had one funded treatment cycle, two pregnancies and three babies,” said Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director of Midland Fertility. “Not all patients have such straightforward treatment, but, their story gives hope to many couples who are concerned about starting IVF.”