Noah Makes Five!

Issued: 12 March 2015

Jemma, Lee, Lola, Tilly and Noah
Jemma, Lee, Lola, Tilly and Noah

Mothers’ Day this year will be a busy affair for nurse Jemma and husband Lee as they welcome their third miracle.

Jemma and Lee, both 37, from Newcastle under Lyme, had tried for a family for two years before they sought help from Midland Fertility based in Tamworth.

“We had no clue why we were not getting pregnant so we went to Midland Fertility where our investigation results showed we would need ICSI to give us the best chances of success,” said Jemma.

ICSI, or intracytoplasmic sperm injection, is when a single sperm is injected directly into the egg to assist in fertilisation of that egg.

After weeks of injections, tests and scans, Jemma underwent an egg recovery and then an embryo transfer.

“We had to wait for two weeks to carry out a pregnancy test.  Each day is like an emotional rollercoaster and you have no control over what the outcome is going to be,” explained Jemma.

Jemma and Lee were devastated when the test proved to be negative.

“We were heartbroken,” said Lee. “But determined to go for another cycle.”

The couple tried again and despite a good response to the treatment, another negative pregnancy test followed.

“We were more devastated than the first time and I really didn’t know if we had the strength to carry on but thought maybe third time lucky,” said Jemma.

The couple funded their third treatment cycle, but this time the agonising wait was worth it!

“When I saw the two lines on the test, I couldn’t believe it,” said Jemma. “I must have done five tests to make sure!”

On returning to Midland Fertility for her first pregnancy scan, the couple received the news that they were expecting twins!

“It was like all our dreams had come true!” said Lee.


Lola and Tilly arrived safely and it wasn’t until the twins were three that Jemma and Lee felt they wanted to try once more to complete their family.

“We felt so lucky to be blessed with our girls but wanted to let fate decide if we were to be lucky again,” said Jemma.

The couple went ahead with another cycle of treatment funded privately but following egg collection, the clinical team noticed a polyp that may cause implantation problems for an embryo, so Jemma and Lee’s embryos had to be frozen whilst she had the polyp removed.

“We had one embryo from this treatment cycle,” explained Lee. “So it was definitely in the hands of fate what happened after Jemma had the transfer.”

Jemma’s pregnancy test was due on Mothers’ Day last year.

“I wondered whether I would be the proud mum of three children the following Mothers’ Day,” she said.

Jemma’s hopes became reality when the test was positive, and the arrival of Noah in December last year made three!

The Summerfield family are celebrating Mothers’ Day this year as a family of five.

“The girls love Noah and we are so very grateful to Midland Fertility for the chance to be parents three times over, after such heartache after our first two cycles,” said Jemma.

“Next month Midland Fertility celebrates 21 years of ICSI treatment in the West Midlands and it has revolutionised the chance of genetic fatherhood for couples with male factor infertility,” said Dr Gill Lockwood, medical director.  “We wish Jemma, Lee and their family a wonderful Mothers’ Day.”