Mothers’ Love, Two Fold!

Issued: 15 March 2015

Charlie, Mya and Cat

Charlie, Mya and Cat

Charlie and Cat Thompson thought Mothers’ Day celebrations were always for other women. But this Sunday will be spent with their daughter and their baby bump!

After struggling with personal identity and suffering homophobic abuse, becoming a family was something out of reach until Charlie and Cat met and then married in 2008.

“Suddenly it all made sense and we had never been happier,” said Cat.

The decision to try for a family felt like a natural progression and the couple began to research how best to do this. Charlie (36) and Cat (47) of Cannock considered other methods of achieving a family including using donor sperm for home insemination, but the couple quickly discounted this option, as ‘unsafe’.

“There are no safety checks in place such as infection screening where informal donation is concerned so you just don’t know what you are getting” said Cat. “It is putting both the health of my wife and our baby at risk.”

Charlie, a company director and Cat, a sister in a local hospital, attended an open evening at Midland Fertility to get further information about potential fertility treatment.

“Although not really sure what to expect, we felt really comfortable at the clinic and by making the decision to visit Midland Fertility we were one step closer to our dream of becoming a family,” said Charlie.

Both Charlie and Cat told their families about their plans for a baby and found total support.

“Like with many same sex couples, there was a point in both our lives when our parents thought that becoming grandparents by us was never going to be an option. But telling them our plans to have fertility treatment, gave them an excitement about new possibilities,” said Charlie.

The couple were counselled through the process of intra uterine insemination (IUI) by the team at Midland Fertility, about purchasing donor sperm through the clinic, and what screening checks were in place.  Guidance also included the emotional and legal implications of using donor sperm.

“We expected to wait a while for donor sperm but we got a phone call from the clinic within weeks to say that they had found us a donor match and were ready to proceed.  We were shocked and very much excited,” said Cat

Charlie added: “I had been working hard to get myself in the best shape, both physically and mentally, to give us all the best chances of this working.”

The couple had the insemination followed by a romantic day together.  Cat and Charlie then decided to get away from it all on a holiday.

“It was important to us that our child was conceived surrounded by love,” said Cat.

“I was thinking positive thoughts as much as I could,” said Charlie, “We had told all our family and friends about our journey so we had lots of support throughout the wait to do the pregnancy test.”

The couple were delighted with a positive test and Mya Amy-Lily arrived very quickly but safely on Mothers’ Day 2012 making it extra special for both the mums and grandmothers alike!

“We never thought we would be mums ourselves so when Mya arrived it was a dream come true,” said Charlie. “Mya means ‘most wished for child’ and she truly is.”

It was also important to both Charlie and Cat to have both their names on Mya’s birth certificate.

“We are both Mya’s mommies and didn’t want a blank space on her birth certificate,” said Cat. “As we are married both our names are on there, making our family official.”

It wasn’t until Mya was two that Charlie and Cat started to think about a sibling for Mya.

“We originally had just enough donor sperm for two or three inseminations.  This meant that if we were lucky enough to be successful the first time, we would have a very real chance of a direct sibling for Mya,” said Cat.

The couple felt it was important to have a direct sibling for Mya if at all possible so they tried another IUI cycle in October 2014.

“I really tried to look after myself again in preparation for the insemination,” said Charlie, “So when we got our second positive pregnancy test result it was all worth it.”

The new addition to the Thompson family is due this June, completing the family unit.

“We will be spending Mothers’ Day this year with our mums and as mums to our beautiful daughter, and with our son on the way!” said Cat. “We feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to share our love with the family we longed for.”

“For many years Midland Fertility has helped same sex couples become families,” Said Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director of Midland Fertility. “We can offer safe treatment to help couples to become families and we wish Cat and Charlie and their family a very happy Mothers’ Day.”