Double joy makes Fathers’ Day dream come true

Fathers’ Day (Sunday 15 June 2014) will be extra special for Andrew Forrester as he gets to spend it for the first time with his own babies, after many years of childlessness.

Kerrie and Andrew celebrate Fathers' Day 2014
Kerrie and Andrew celebrate Fathers' Day 2014

Andrew (37) and partner Kerrie (33) from Walsall had been together for 14 years and tried for a pregnancy for more than eight years with no success.

The couple had conceived five times previously which had sadly all resulted in miscarriage. After tests carried out at the couple’s local hospital to look into possible reasons for the recurring miscarriages revealed no underlying cause, Andrew and Kerrie went to Midland Fertility for help.

Over the next three months, Kerrie had consultations, injections, scans, egg recovery and embryo transfer as part of their IVF treatment cycle- and then a negative pregnancy test ended their dreams of becoming a family. “We thought it would never happen for us and were at a really low point.  Our families were asking us if we were going to give up trying.” said Andrew.

But Andrew and Kerrie took the brave decision to try another cycle which resulted in the positive pregnancy test they had longed for.

Two weeks later a first scan at Midland Fertility confirmed not one fetal heartbeat, but two! “I was watching the scanner screen and when I saw those two flickering heartbeats I was over the moon!” said Andrew.

After an otherwise trouble free pregnancy Kerrie gave birth to Alexander and Abigail in March 2014 making this year Andrew’s first Fathers’ Day. “It might sound like a cliché, but dreams really do come true and I will be spending Fathers’ Day with my two little miracles,” he said.

Heidi Birch, director of nursing services at Midland Fertility, said:  “Special family days can be hard on people who want a baby, and so celebrating a first Fathers’ Day is a wonderful milestone for any new dad, however his baby was conceived.

“More than 213 Midland Fertility babies have been born in the last 12 months, many of them to first time dads, and we send them all our very best wishes on their special day on Sunday.”