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Midland Fertility to open new super-clinic

Midland Fertility Services will be opening a new super-clinic this autumn when it relocates to Tamworth.

Overseeing the relocation of Midland Fertility from Aldridge to Tamworth is the clinic’s Board of Directors: (l-r) Su Barlow, laboratory director; Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director; Heidi Birch, director of nursing services and Anna Kavanagh, director of quality and business
Overseeing the relocation of Midland Fertility from Aldridge to Tamworth is the clinic’s Board of Directors: (l-r) Su Barlow, laboratory director; Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director; Heidi Birch, director of nursing services and Anna Kavanagh, director of quality and business

The West Midlands’ longest established independent clinic will transfer all patient care and services to an exclusive, high-tech facility on Ventura Park, which offers almost twice the space it has occupied in Aldridge since 1993.

The same team of highly experienced staff will also relocate to Tamworth, ensuring that patients continue to benefit from the excellent standard of care developed since Midland Fertility first opened in 1987.

The new location, just 11 miles from Aldridge, offers abundant private parking for patients and is surrounded by the retail park, with easy access from motorways, major roads and transport services.  The clinic will continue to treat private patients and also those whose treatment is funded by NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups throughout the Midlands.

“Over the last 27 years, almost 6,000 babies have been born as a result of treatment at Midland Fertility and the clinic has achieved many worldwide, UK and regional ‘fertility firsts’,” said Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director.  “This relocation will enable the continuation and development of all our diagnostic services and treatments for infertility, fertility preservation and recurrent miscarriage – so giving more people the chance to have the babies they long for.”

“The new high-performance procedure suite will offer patients even more comfort during their time with us and the three laboratories are being designed to the very highest specifications.

“It is an extremely exciting time for the development of Midland Fertility and the provision of fertility services in the Midlands, and will ultimately benefit the 800 patients we are privileged to treat each year.”

Treatments will continue as usual at Aldridge during the relocation planning and will seamlessly transfer to the new facility in the autumn.  All recent and current patients, and also those patients for whom Midland Fertility stores sperm, eggs and embryos, are personally being notified of the relocation.

Treatment costs frozen at 2013 prices

finance-package Treatment costs at Midland Fertility are being held at 2013 prices.  To find out how affordable services are as a result of the price freeze,  visit the unique Cost Estimator, which gives details of 25 types of treatment cycles at Midland Fertility.  It’s the most transparent costing information available.

Also, don’t forget Midland Fertility offers a finance package with a specialist medical loans company.

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Super-clinic refurbishment is underway

The refurb of Midland Fertility’s new home has begun, as the former call centre is transformed into a state of the art treatment centre.

The future clinical suite . . . !

. . . and part of the laboratories . . .

. . . and towards reception!

Specialist companies have been appointed to design and build the clinical and laboratory facilities, as part of the £3 million pound investment in the 15,000sqft property – which offers twice the space as the clinic currently occupies in Aldridge.

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  • follow the transformation of the building on Facebook

Miscarriage information event

miscarriage and implantation failure Midland Fertility is holding an information event for women who have experienced recurrent miscarriage or embryo implantation failure, from 6.00-8.00pm on Thursday 12 June 2014.

The event is suitable for women who:

  • may have conceived naturally but experienced two or more miscarriages
  • following fertility treatment, may have never achieved a positive pregnancy test or who have lost two or more pregnancies

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7000th ICSI cycle

ICSI In April, the same month that Midland Fertility celebrated 20 years of ICSI and the birth of almost 3,000 ICSI babies, the unit also confirmed completion of the 7000th ICSI cycle.

When introduced to the West Midlands by Midland Fertility in 1994, ICSI revolutionised the chances of men with severe sperm problems of becoming genetic parents.

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CPA accreditation for Midland Fertility labs

Su Barlow (r), with four of the lab team – Jo Milner, Gina Aldis, Paul Wilson and Lynne Harrison
Following thorough scrutiny, Midland Fertility’s semenology and blood laboratories have received Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA).

The inspection follows direction from the HFEA that all tests and investigations performed in a fertility clinic should be carried out in a CPA laboratory. This is to ensure patient safety, the quality of policies and procedures and the highest standard of customer care and service are met.

The CPA inspectors recorded that Midland Fertility had either met or exceeded all minimum standards.

Su Barlow, laboratory director said “We are delighted with the outcome of the inspection and are proud that Midland Fertility remains to be one of the only fertility clinics in the UK to achieve such accreditation.”

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Some of the MFS recurrent miscarriage team: (l-r) Mandy Godwin, nurse manager; Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director and Dr Abey Eapen, clinical lead
The Miscarriage and Implantation Failure Service (MIFS) was recently inspected by the hospital watchdog, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and after an intensive day of ‘demonstrating compliance’, the inspector confirmed that all standards were met.

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