Hospital Watchdog Thumbs Up for Miscarriage Service

The Midland Fertility Miscarriage and Implantation Failure Service (MIFS) was recently successfully inspected by the hospital watchdog, the CQC.

recurrent miscarriage service

The report included the following:
‘During this inspection we spoke with two people who had used the service and four staff. People we spoke with told us that they were informed about the treatment they would need and all prospective costs.

‘One person said: “They have given me confidence from the beginning. They told me to contact them as soon as I had a positive pregnancy test. I was seen the same day and have been given the treatment to start immediately”.

‘Another person said: “They have gone beyond my expectations, even to staying behind after the clinic had closed to meet me so I could commence my treatment the same day”.

‘We found there were suitable arrangements in place to ensure that only staff of good character and with appropriate qualifications and skills were employed. One person told us: “I have nothing but praise for them”. Another person said: “They give me confidence they are all very professional”.’

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Issued: 28 February 2014