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Christmas Holidays

MFS will be closed from (and including) Saturday 21 December and re-open with a full regular service on Tuesday 31 December 2013 – and be open as usual on New Year’s Day.


Of course, patients who will be part-way through their treatment during the holiday period, and who require advice, can call the 24 hour service on 01922 455911 and listen for the number of the mobile phone to call and speak to one of the senior MFS team. Please note that this service is for medical emergencies only and other enquiries will be dealt with when the unit re-opens on New Year’s Eve. General enquiries may be made via email and replied to as soon as the team is back.

MFS staff will ensure that all patients’ treatments will progress seamlessly over the holiday period.

EmbryoScopeTM is Here!

Midland Fertility Services has introduced a service to further improve the chances of IVF patients having babies, by capturing thousands of pictures of patients’ embryos even before any pregnancy occurs.

The clinic has invested in two EmbryoScopeTM incubators with built-in cameras, which allow all the details of embryo development to be seen as a time-lapse movie.  This enables the embryologist to identify embryos with abnormal development patterns and then select embryos which have more chance of resulting in a birth.

EmbryoScope will further improve the number of live births at MFS
EmbryoScope will further improve the number of live births at MFS

MFS is one of only two fertility clinics in the West Midlands to have the service.

Embryo quality can be one of the reasons why IVF doesn’t work for some treatment cycles.  Results from clinics already using EmbryoScopeTM show an improvement in pregnancy rates and a fall in the number of early miscarriages.  The ultimate aim is to increase the number of babies born following IVF treatment at MFS.

Worldwide, the usual method of monitoring and selecting embryos relies on removing them from the incubator environment at specific time-points and assessing their development under a microscope.  These checks are kept to a minimum to reduce disturbance, but at a frequency which enables the embryologist to observe progress, allowing up to six images of development over five days.  Instead, the EmbryoScopeTM provides more than 5,000 images in five days, during 24 hour monitoring of the fertilisation process and embryo growth – and all within perfect incubator conditions.  The patients get to keep many of these images.

Su Barlow, laboratory director of MFS, said: “The introduction of EmbryoScopeTM is a significant milestone in the history of IVF treatment.  This new equipment revolutionises how an embryologist selects embryos for transfer.

“Reducing the number of failed treatment cycles and early miscarriages will improve the IVF experience for many of our patients.  We look forward to many more babies being born after treatment at MFS as a result of EmbryoScopeTM incubation and time-lapse imaging.”

The EmbryoScopeTM service is available to both privately- and NHS-funded patients for an additional fee of £400.  MFS will continue to monitor the demand for time-lapse embryo incubation and imaging and is prepared to invest in additional equipment as required.

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MFS Ranks #1 for Livebirth Rates in West Midlands

Newly published figures from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) puts MFS at the top of the table of IVF clinics in the West Midlands for livebirth rates.


MFS achieved a livebirth rate (LBR) for women aged 35 to 37 of 34.3% – 5.7% higher than the nearest other result, and 6.9% above the national average.

In addition, MFS achieved LBRs higher than the national average in three of the other five age categories, and in all categories, had either the second or third best results out of all seven units in the West Midlands.

“Livebirth rates indicate how many patients had a baby following treatment and so is a vital consideration for anyone who is choosing at which clinic to have their treatment, and for CCGs to select the preferred provider for funded tertiary treatments”, said Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director at MFS.

“These results show that not only did MFS perform the most IVF treatment cycles in the West Midlands in the time period*, but it achieved the best outcomes for its patients, giving them the highest chance of actually having a baby.”

* January – December 2011

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1st Christmas Celebrations Joy

Kirstein Moseley with son Ethan and Heidi Birch, director of nursing services
Kirstein Moseley with son Ethan and Heidi Birch, director of nursing services

New Mummy Kirstein Moseley is looking forward to celebrating her first Christmas with the baby she and her husband thought they’d never have.  Read more of their story in the Birmingham Mail.

MFS Patient Finance Package

The MFS patient finance package is available as an alternative way for private patients to fund their fertility treatment at MFS.  It is the only fertility clinic in the West Midlands to offer such a service.

MFS has appointed an independent medical specialist loans company to offer a finance service which may be of benefit to private patients who:

  • may want to proceed to treatment before they can access any savings
  • might secure a better interest rate than is available from their credit card company, or other lender

Any loan agreement is made directly between the patient and the loan provider.

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Get – and stay! – in touch with MFS via any of the clinic’s social media platforms:

  • The MFS Patient Forum – is a free, on-line, interactive, 24/7, virtual patient support group for past, current and future MFS patients. Many people appreciate being able to share their emotions and concerns at any stage of their treatment, with people who are experiencing the same. Some remain anonymous and some go on to meet up and become long-term friends, throughout their treatment – and often beyond!
  • Facebook – keep up with the latest news from MFS and also fertility in general by joining MFS on Facebook. And until 25 December, you can view the MFS Facebook Advent Calendar 2013! What’s not to like?!
  • Twitter – catch the very latest news and comment from MFS via @mfsIVFnews

Changes to the MFS T&Cs

For an important update on the terms and conditions of treatment at MFS, take a look the fees section.

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MFS is Now Hiring

If you fancy working for MFS, take a look at the current vacancies for details of two positions for which the clinic is recruiting:

  • finance administrator (maternity cover)
  • housekeeper