A Real Life-Changing New Year’s Resolution

Issue Date: 31 December 2013

Midland Fertility Services is appealing to adults to make a New Year resolution with a difference – to become egg or sperm donors and help change someone’s life forever.

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Egg and sperm donors receive up to £750 on completion of a donation cycle.  More importantly, they know that they give the chance of parenthood to someone who is involuntarily childless and unable to conceive without the ultimate altruistic donation.

Just imagine the great feeling of knowing that your resolution could mean that another couple gets to celebrate next Christmas and New Year as parents and don’t have the heartache of another holiday season without the baby they so desperately want.

Women egg donors need to be under 36 years old and generally fit and healthy.  They must have no family history of inherited illness and also be non-smokers.  Hormone tests must also show that their eggs are of sufficient quality to give the recipient the best chance of having a baby.

Once accepted as an egg donor, a woman will undergo a course of fertility drugs followed by an egg collection.  A donation cycle may take up to two months and she will receive £750 as a thank you for her amazing gift.  After 12 months Midland Fertility will know if a pregnancy was ever achieved using her donor eggs.

Sperm donors need to be aged 18 to 41 and, like egg donors, they must have no inherited or serious illnesses.  Sperm donors currently receive £35 for each donation they make – up to a maximum of £750.

Potential egg and sperm donors receive counselling about the possibility of being identified to any person who learns, when they are at least 18 years old, that their birth was a result of egg or sperm donation – anonymous donations are no longer possible.

“Often New Year’s resolutions are made to achieve a personal goal, but becoming an egg or sperm donor is the chance to do something entirely for someone else – and to be rewarded for doing so,” said Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director of Midland Fertility Services.

“Not only do donors receive a payment, but most importantly, they have the eternal satisfaction of knowing they have helped a couple to become parents – which is priceless!”

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Editor Notes

MFS was established in 1987 and is licensed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority to offer a range of fertility treatments and procedures including IVF, ICSI, egg donation, egg and embryo freezing and sperm recovery.  In May 2002 the UK’s first ‘frozen egg’ baby was born following treatment at MFS.  In September 2005, the UK’s first twins were born from ‘frozen eggs’ fertility treatment at MFS, followed by the first ‘frozen egg’ boy in December 2005.  In April 2006 the clinic’s first twins were born following the mother’s treatment with Vi4gr4 as part of her fertility treatment at MFS.  In early 2008, the 4,000th baby was born after treatment at MFS and the clinic celebrated its 21st anniversary.  The clinic’s and the UK’s first two vitrified egg babies were born in December 2010 and January 2011, followed by ‘MFS Baby 5,500’ in October 2012.  In 2012 MFS marked 25 years of ‘making babies’.  Based in Aldridge, West Midlands, MFS treats both private and NHS patients.

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