‘Ovarian Re-Awakening’ Comment

Following the news that a baby has been born in Japan to a woman who had been identified as having had premature ovarian failure, Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director of Midland Fertility Services said: ‘This development is potentially very interesting to women with premature ovarian failure – that is when the menopause is experienced before the age of 45.

Dr Gillian Lockwood
Dr Gillian Lockwood

‘However, as the age of the ovary is a big determinant of the chance of successful IVF, it is unlikely to be helpful to women who have experienced menopause at the normal time. For the foreseeable future, IVF using donor eggs may continue to be the only chance these women have to conceive and MFS currently has no significant waiting list for donor eggs.’

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Issued: 1 October 2013