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School Daze

So many MFS Babies will have reached a new school milestone this month – maybe starting a new school, maybe for the first time, or moving up a year, or possibly starting high school or even University, including:

Toby and Barney Elton, age 4 –  first day in reception class


‘Wishing you many years of excitement and enjoyment in your new adventure.  We hope you both embrace each day and grasp each new opportunity with the great enthusiasm you both have.  Lots of love Mummy and Daddy’

Connie Anthony-Ackery, age 11 – first day at high school

‘Our darling girl is at high school already!  How did that happen??  But already you’ve seized it, squeezed it and are making it your own big adventure.  So proud of you, gorgeous girl.  Love you so much,  Mummy and Daddy xx’

Connie Anthony-Ackery

So we dedicate the following thoughts to all parents (not just mothers!) who have experienced a few wobbles over the last few weeks and maybe even the excitement of these memorable times:


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