Can you Write a FERTILITY Poem?

Ahead of National Poetry Day (NPD) on Thursday 3 October 2013, can you create an acrostic poem entitled ‘Fertility’?

NPD is designed to ‘shake poetry from its dust-jacket and into the nations’ streets, offices, shops, playgrounds and even, last year, into the Olympic Park and onto the neon signs above Piccadilly Circus.  It’s a chance for people to use poetry to say things that can’t be said in prose.’


The format of the MFS Poetry Challenge must be nine lines and the first word of each line must spell out the word FERTILITY.  You can make it rhyme if you want to, but it’s not compulsory. Here are a couple of examples to get you started:

For weeks and months and years we tried, but
Every blue-line showed negative;  we cried.
Reluctant’ sperm was the reason why
Try as they might, they’ll never get in, so
ICSI was the way to go.
Lovely MFS staff guided us through
Injections and scans and EC and ET, until nine months later we heard
Those seven totally wonderful words:
You have a very beautiful baby girl.’
(Jill A-A, MFS patient 1999-2001 and member of staff since 2004)

Yearning is fulfilled
(Lynsey B, member of staff since 2008 and MFS patient in 2011)

It’s not a competition, but an opportunity for patients to turn the emotional highs and lows of their treatment experience into something poetic that can be shared and understood by others.  We’ll include a selection of them on the MFS website, Facebook and Twitter in time for National Poetry Day before 3 October 2013.  We may even send some to the regional newspapers! So get your creative juices flowing and email your entry/ies to us.  Be sure to include your name and MFS patient reference number,  Of course we will contact you before we post your poems to any social media.

LU: 24 September 2013