Updated Success Rates Available On-line

The latest published success rates from MFS are now available on-line.

Four sections provide:

  • an intro to the success rates
  • headline success rates – simplified single figures for an ‘at a glance’ understanding of the outcome of some treatments
  • summary results – statistics of the outcomes of key stages of each treatment, including the livebirth rate (LBR) for the cumulative three year tables (2009 – 2011) and the pregnancy rates for the results of treatments carried out from May 2012 – April 2013.  (At the time of publication, no LBR is available for that period as some pregnancies are still on-going.)  10 years of data is supplied for IUI and 13 years for egg freezing, due to the smaller number of treatment cycles
  • extended results – comprehensive results of all stages of each treatment

Contact Jyoti Patel, MFS information analyst, for more information about success rates at MFS.

LU: 23 July 2013