BBC 2 ‘The Midwives’ Documentary

Would you like to be part of a TV documentary series? And are you having your MFS baby at Birmingham Women’s Hospital between now and the end of June 2013?

BBC2 is making a second series of ‘The Midwives’. The first series aired in Autumn 2012 and revealed what being a midwife in Britain today really involves. It was a huge hit with both mums and midwives who felt it captured the vital support we rely on during one of the most important times of our lives.

From the BBC2 series The Midwives (2012)
From the BBC2 series The Midwives (2012)

The programme makers – Garden Productions – would love to talk to you about becoming a mum and about the care that you receive from your midwives. They want to reflect the sheer diversity of the role midwives play during pregnancy, labour and post-natal care. Whether you are a first time mum about to have a home birth, or returning to the same delivery suite where you have given birth before, or a high-risk mum who is even more reliant on their midwife, they would love to hear from you.  You could also be filmed on your return visit to MFS with your newborn baby.

If you would be happy to talk to Garden Productions to help with the programme research, or just want to find out more about the project, please call 07804 850864 or email Charlotte Bridger at The Garden Productions.

Talking to the production team is in confidence and does not in any way commit you to taking part in the series.

Issued: 26 February 2013