Made in Aldridge

‘Made in Aldridge’ is a regular e-news feature which tells the story of a woman’s or couple’s experience at MFS and the impact of the result on their lives.

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Clare Roberts – Egg Donor

This month’s e-news is a little different as Clare Roberts contacted MFS, not because she wanted a baby, but because she had conceived her three children so easily and now wanted to help other women who were not so fortunate, by donating her eggs so they could have a chance of experiencing the same joy.


Hers is one of the greatest ‘living gifts’ possible and having already donated some of her eggs, Clare will do the same again in the future.  And from 1 April 2012, egg donors will receive £750 when they donate, to help them help others.

So, via a feature in the Birmingham Mail, enjoy Clare’s story and consider the impact of her choice to donate on the lives of the women, couples and extended families she has helped.

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